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A brief introduction to college students' Art Troupe

College Students Art Troupe was formally established on April 2, 2007. It is one of the four university level organizations in our university. It is an art troupe composed of all college students. Since its establishment in 2007, it has been strongly supported by the school. The art troupe has always been in line with the purpose of "advocating elegant art", rooted in the campus, regularly held a variety of special activities, undertook a variety of campus performance activities, participated in various large-scale competitions, and participated in various art and cultural exchange activities. It represents the performance unit of the school, propagandizes the mainstream culture of the campus and the quality of students, and shapes the image of contemporary college students in the form of art. To make their own contribution to the prosperity of campus culture, has become an important emissary of our school to carry forward advanced culture and implement quality education.

College Students Art Troupe has professional teachers for training guidance, to provide students with special training places and as superior conditions as possible, and with strict and scientific management system. The college students' Art Troupe also has literary and artistic exchanges with the famous universities such as Caspian University, Xi'an University of technology, Chang'an University, etc., and will further invite well-known universities from all over the country to perform in our university.


The establishment of College Students' Art Troupe


Eurasian Art Troupe is composed of eight sub troupes and administrative departments: Folk Dance Troupe, hip-hop troupe, sound Orchestra, drama troupe, national standard troupe, golden Mack troupe, instrument Orchestra and model troupe.

Administration department: Propaganda Department, discipline inspection department and secretary department.

1. The instructor of the art troupe is responsible for guiding the construction and development of the art troupe.


2. There will be one head of the art troupe, two deputy troupes, one secretary, one propaganda and one discipline inspection minister. They form the administrative department of the art troupe to "serve, coordinate and manage" the overall work of the art troupe.


3. The art troupe consists of eight sub troupes, namely, sound troupe, golden Mack troupe, drama troupe, folk dance troupe, hip-hop troupe, national standard troupe, instrumental troupe and model troupe.

The college students' art troupe has won honors in recent years


In December 2015, "the fifth Campus Drama Festival of Shaanxi Province" won many awards, such as excellent play award, excellent organization award and excellent director award.


In December 2015, the chorus "the bell of the origin of the earth" won the national third prize.

In October 2016, "my university, my dream" won the first prize of Shaanxi psychological drama competition.


In November 2016, "nice block Cup" Xi'an University hip-hop League won the second place of Qi dance and the fourth place of 4v4.


In December 2016, he won the second place in Shaanxi station of "audc" Asian College hip hop League.

In July 2017, "the first International Chorus Festival in Xi'an 2017" won the first prize in the competition with "the conversion of Saul".


In August 2017, "the 16th golden hedgehog drama festival for college students" won the national excellent play award and the best adapted Work Award for its adapted drama "tutor".


In October 2017, the "2017 Silk Road International College Students' Art Festival" Zhongjie Dance Troupe won the second place.


In October 2017, in the "audc Asian College hip-hop League", the art troupe hip-hop troupe and puddy hip-hop troupe won the championship of Xi'an station by virtue of "live".


In September 2018, the drama troupe of "the fifth Shaanxi Provincial Drama Festival" won many awards such as director award, performance award, performance award and so on by virtue of "stand up", "perfect sprint" and "son-in-law".

In November 2018, "audc Asian College hip-hop championship" won the "Xi'an station", and went to Shanghai to participate on behalf of Shaanxi universities.


In 2019, the national standard troupe won excellent results in the first Latin competition held by the sports dance club, and participated in the professional national standard dance competition on behalf of the school, winning the first place for single and the second place for double.


In the first Xi'an college students' red classic reading competition, the host group won two first prizes, three third prizes and one best style prize; Group second prize group and group third prize group.


In December 2019, the original drama "children's village" of the drama troupe participated in the Shaanxi campus art festival and won seven awards, including "best play Award" and "best organization award", and was selected into the 2020 China Campus Drama Festival on behalf of Shaanxi.