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Youth Volunteer Association

(Figure 1) undertake the 2017 northwest Tourism Marketing Conference

(photo 2) running with xing'er

(Figure 3) organizing 2017 clean and environmental youth Tour - Eurasia station


The Youth Volunteer Association of Xi'an Eurasia College (euyva) is a school level youth student organization under the direct leadership of the Communist Youth League Committee of Xi'an Eurasia college. Since its inception, the association is mainly composed of Eurasian young people who volunteer to engage in public welfare, serve teachers and students, serve the society, and advocate positive public service culture.


There are secretary department, performance department, Su Tuo department, publicity department, etiquette team, LOHAS project department, Metro Project Department, outreach project department, Weiyou project department and Hongfeng project department. Taking volunteers as the center, we are committed to strengthening cooperation with public welfare organizations at home and abroad. Through the project-based, professional, international and experiential voluntary service system, we can form an applied brand organization of voluntary work in private colleges and universities and build an international voluntary service platform. Since its establishment in 2014 and formal establishment in 2015, the school youth association has been adhering to the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress", and has done a lot of volunteer service activities for the school and society, involving environmental protection, respect for the elderly, assistance for the disabled and so on.

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