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【Teaching Reform】The College of cultural media convened a meeting of all teachers and staff members
2018.03.02School of culture and communication

As the new year begins, everything changes from old to new. February is a good time for sailing a new journey. In the morning of February 28, 2018, the All-Faculty meeting of the School of Culture and Media was held in the A-402 conference room. The attendee included YAN Jinying the Vice President, GAO Yu the Assistant Dean, ZHANG Shuyun the director of the Center for Teaching Development, ZUO Wei the Director of the Center for Cooperation and Development, LUO Lixia and Fan Rong, two directors of the Curriculum Center, and also all the other teaching staff. During the meeting, heads of all departments in SOCM had arranged the key tasks of this year.

First of all, Mr. Gao Yu, assistant dean of the faculty and staff conference, started the witty opening ceremony with "greeting everyone a late Happy New Year " and announced that the meeting was officially started.

Teacher Zhang Shuyun, the director of the center for teaching and development, arranged the teaching work of the new term in 2018, including the registration and examination of the students, and also introduced the key work of this term in the teaching development center of our school, including the classroom teaching, the building of the style of study, the graduation design and the design of the teaching development center.

The director of the Curriculum Center, Mr. Luo Lixia, explained the focus of this year's work from three aspects: 1, curriculum construction: 4 major school level key courses and the key courses of the 8 branches into the results display link, hoping to continue to strengthen this year; 2, project declaration / research paper declaration: some project declaration has already been declared toward the end, I hope all teachers should seize the opportunity to declare; 3, the competition: pay attention to the details of the competition declaration process, actively encourage teachers to participate in various kinds of competition guidance and all kinds of intramural competitions, to show the good grace and personal charm of the teachers of our school.

Zuo Wei, the director of the center for cooperation and development, reported on some basic security work in the recent years, and made instructions on the task of assisting in administrative affairs and related departments, and perfected the construction of the southern workshop.



 (Provided by School of culture and communication)