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Online courses: in 2018, the seminar of the universities of Shaanxi fine online open courses, or the opening ceremony of future course stack were officially launched

In order to enhance the influence of the university curriculum brand, to respond to the ministry of education's "double ten thousand" plan and to implement the Shaanxi Provincial Education Department's suggestions and application spirit on online open courses, on June 6, 2018, our university jointly organized the "seminar on online open courses of high-quality colleges and universities in Shaanxi province and the opening ceremony of future course stacks" together with the curriculum sharing alliance of eastern and western universities and smart tree co., LTD. More than 260 online course education experts from the provincial universities attended the meeting. The seminar held discussions and experience sharing on online courses and how to open online courses to serve the campus education.


Afterwards, zhou Dehui, a teacher of our university, shared with us her experience in constructing the course. Ms. Zhou "personal finance" have been registered by 20000 people, and she also put forward some guidance opinions on how to build good courses. The first period is very important, so you can know the problem ahead of time and avoid the bad effects in a timely manner. Secondly, the faculty should be comprehensive, including not only professional teachers in university but also teachers from enterprises. They should select their strengths and give lectures comprehensively and also keep abreast of social changes and spread the latest knowledge to students.


At last, Ms. Zhang Lefang, the assistant Principal of our university, and Mr. Zhou Liyuan, vice President of education platform of smart tree, jointly unveiled the plaque, which set a milestone for "future inn".