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Heart set out, slow down! -- a letter from Professor hu jianbo, President of our university, to high school candidates

High school graduates:



At this time every year, I write a letter to high school candidates seeking to join Eurasia and those who share our values and aspirations. Also think about what new ascension or change Eurasia can make for you in the future.

Use your intuition to feel the beginning of education in Eurasia


In my eyes, there are several characteristics of a good university, among which the most intuitive one is the elegant campus. The campus in Eurasia has such characteristics. If you walk in here, you'll have a different visual experience. The campus design of Eurasia has a simple goal: to improve the quality of learning of students and the quality of life. We have hired a team of excellent architects and interior designers from France, Canada and China to design and build carefully. "Living room", "flying saucer", "qindao", "creative workshop"… These distinctive buildings all contain the Eurasian pursuit of "beauty" and the heart of students.

You are about to start choosing your favorite university. There are a thousand reasons for you to choose your favorite university.

  At the university of Eurasia, you will encounter courses that show you the whole world from the perspectives of literature, history and philosophy, allowing you to have a broader vision and opinions. You will meet teachers who will lead you to read the classics of the world, discuss the most fundamental problems of human beings, and give you the pleasure and depth of thinking. You'll see lectures and presentations where fun people share their knowledge of the world and give you more ways to appreciate and understand the world. Students, if we are to summarize the characteristics of Eurasia, the biggest one is: to do everything slowly with students as the center and everything from the heart.