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Industrial-Academic Cooperation Program promotion meeting of School of Human Settlement Environment and Bosgebatle successfully held
2018.09.26School of Human Settlement Environment

Communication between university and company

President Hu Jianbo

Promotion Meeting

Mr. Ryan Hill, VP of the US district of Bosgebatle

Representative from Bosgebatle Xi’an disctrict

VP of Bosgebatle China district, Mr. Zhang Wei

President Assistant Ms. Zhang Lefang



September 19th, the project promotion meeting between School of Human Settlements of Xi ' an Eurasia University and Bosgebatle was successfully held.


This is the fifth cooperation of the School of Human Settlements and the company: the best students from construction-related professions of 2019 will be selected to the Booz Group for systematic training, students of excellent performance can be admitted to BlueScope, the world's top 500 foreign enterprises.


Mr. Ryan Hill VP of the US region gave an opening Speech: "Very happy to participate in BlueScope's promotion, BlueScope is a very good platform, I also look forward to working with you to learn, train, and work together."


Mr. Zhang Wei, vice president of engineering and innovation department of BlueScope China, showed the students the history of the company, the company value chain, the company charter, and let the students have a preliminary understanding of the company. BlueScope China Regional HR manager Mr. Pei shared with the students that the company attaches great importance to the safety of employees in their working environment, and often provides employees with diversified, rich organizational culture activities. Mr. Pei also showed the students BlueScope XI ' an headquarters office environment, which was envied by the whole audience.


At the meeting, the leaders of the company and the students engaged in a positive interaction, and answered the questions students asked. It is reported that there are more than 80 students from the School of Human Settlements that participated in the "detail engineer" project in 2019.


The first round of the selection interview will be held in late September and professional testing at the end of September.


After the meeting, Mr. Zhang Wei, vice president of Engineering and Innovation Department, BlueScope China, exchanged and interacted with President Hu on the green campus design, the school-Enterprise co-construction and the assembling experiment base.