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【International cooperation】Eurasia signs MOU with University of Lethbridge in Canada
2018.11.16International Cooperation and Communication Center

(Picture 1) principal Michael Mahon in communication


(Picture 2) group photo


In order to continuously promote our university's internationalization strategy, while strengthening exchanges and academic cooperation with teachers and students in other overseas colleges and universities, on November 15, 2018, Michael Mahon, president of the University of Lethbridge in Canada, together with Paul Pan, International executive Director, and David Yan, international admissions officer, and other staff came to our university for exchange visit.


Principal Liu Jin, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Communication Center Ding Jie, and other staff member of the International Cooperation and Communication Center, attended the event.


Founded in 1967, University of Lethbridge in Canada is a small public research university based in Alberta, Canada. For many years, University of Lethbridge has been at the top of its university rankings in MacLean's, an authoritative Canadian news magazine, with its unique high level of teaching, innovative scientific research, world-level technology applications and high-quality student services.


At the beginning of the discussion, the teachers of the International Cooperation and Communication Center briefed the teachers of University of Lethbridge on the development, educational concepts and development goals of our university. Subsequently, Michael Mahon, president of University of Lethbridge, gave a brief introduction of University of Lethbridge, saying that the biggest feature of this university was its dedication and focus on undergraduate education and general education. Although University of Lethbridge is one of the three research universities in Canada, it also attaches great importance to applied education, in order to further strengthen students' practical ability, the university owns professional real-time training rooms for securities as well as a modern science teaching building to provide students with professional experimental equipment and experimental sites.


Subsequently, President Liu Jin welcomed the visit of the 4 teachers from University of Lethbridge on behalf of our university. She said that as a private university, we have rapid response and strong execution compared with traditional public colleges and universities. In addition, our university has been focusing on undergraduate applied education, which is highly compatible with the development characteristics of University of Lethbridge, so we look forward to working with University of Lethbridge in summer camps and other projects as the beginning, and further developing non-academic short-term exchanges, "2+2" and other academic programs, as well as teacher training and curriculum reform to carry out a variety of exchanges and cooperation. While expressing a high degree of affirmation of our university's founding philosophy and environmental facilities, President Michael Mahon is also looking forward to working with such a vibrant institution. He said that in order to further strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, the university built an international business school this year that intends to provide students from all over the world with a platform for learning and communication. At the same time, in order to meet the different language needs of students in different countries and regions, the university also set up a variety of special professional academic English courses.


Finally, the two principals signed an MOU on behalf of two universities, hoping to take this opportunity to enable the rich and varied exchange and cooperation projects to be effectively put into practice, so that the teachers and students of the two universities can really benefit from it.




 (Provided by International Cooperation and Communication Center)