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【International cooperation】The Report of St.Petersburg State University of Economics Study Camp
2018.12.22International Cooperation and Communication Center

For responding to the policy of 2018 "China-Russia local exchange year" and bringing cooperation of the culture and education between China and Russia to a new level. Under the arrangement of Institute of China and the Asia-pacific in Russia, St. Petersburg State University of Economics and International Office of Eurasia University were co-acting this Study Camp. Between November 28, 2018 to December 13, 2018, 17 Russian students were organized to Eurasia University for 13 days to study China's economy and culture which is regarded as the theme of the Study Camp. In view of Eurasia University’s long-term internationazation strategy, this Study Camp would be a positive beginning, and we are expecting to see more global visits in the near future.

Tracing back to the afternoon of November 29, 2018, on behalf of Eurasia, our representatives were sent to Xi 'an Xianyang International Airport to meet the Russian students. After expressing the warmest welcome for the arrival of the students.


Early in the morning of November 30, 2018, in order to get the Russian students being familiar with our campus, International Office assigned narrators to give students a campus tour. Narrators started the tour from telling the story behind the construction of Administration Center, to the exhibition hall of EAAD School of Art and Design, from the School of Finance to Eurasia Students' Activity Center, From the well-designed University Library, to Golden Bridge Restaurant. Overall, students expressed strong interests and enthusiasm in discovering more about Eurasia.


November 30, 2018, in the afternoon, Russia students were arranged two experiencing classes: waist drum and tai-chi, both Chinese students and Russian students are under the teacher's guidance, after the trail of practices, their final performance is absolutely surprising.


On the evening of the same day, International Center organized an ice-breaking welcome party for Russian students, aiming at expressing the warmest welcome to Russian students, and laying a good foundation for the smooth development of the following activities. At the beginning, we invited Pro. Qi Shiliang from Teacher Development Center to deliver a speech, Pro.Qi said study camp is aiming at promoting the friendship between the two universities, in particular, providing possibilities of cooperation in the near future between Eurasia university and St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Finally, Pro.Qi officially announced the beginning of Study Camp.


Next, Imogen and Chris, our foreign teachers had prepared three ice-breaking games. After the welcome party, International Office prepared a wonderful welcome dinner for Russia students -- the most authentic “SanQin” set meal. All of Russia students enjoyed the meal very much.


In the morning of December 1, 2018, we arranged students their first lecture in Eurasia, called "innovation in China", which was taught by our respectable Pro. Qi, he described the rapid innovation of China, especially in the field of scientific technology and information development to the students through PPT and videos. What shocked the students most was China's "four new inventions (high-speed railway, scanning code payment, sharing bicycle and online shopping logistics)". These innovations are not far-fetched technological revolutions. On the contrary, they are the innovations that are closely related to everyone's daily life. All in all, this is a vivid lecture, a meaningful lecture, a lecture to convey our strong national pride to foreign friends.


On December 2nd, 2018, a workshop named "Chinese traditional architectural art and culture" was organized in classroom B602, west district, and presented by Mrs. Wu Sirui. Mrs Wu shared a love story of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin as a reference to lead Russia students to start the journey of Chinese traditional and architectural culture. Russian students were all amazed by what they saw and they learnt from this lecture. After the lecture, in order to let everyone had a deeper experience of xi 'an architectural culture, Mrs. Li Ge organized students to DIY their own xi 'an impression rubber seal. Finally, lecturers and students took photos with their rubber seals and printed handbags, which has drawn a satisfactory conclusion for the workshop.


Later in the afternoon, "Chinese Tea Culture” experience course was prepared by our tea community. In this class, Russian students learned some basic knowledge of tea, including its history, its categories, its origin. Under the professional demonstration of Mrs. Zhao Huijuan, Students finally mastered how to pour tea and drink tea gracefully.

On December 4, 2018, the director of School of Finance, Pro. Li Zheng presented a vivid lecture "Choose or Not Choose – Let’s Play Financial Games" for students. Considering that some of the students majored in finance, Mr. Li defined this course as "practical and interesting". In the end, all the students were highly evaluating the quality of what they learnt from this course. In the afternoon of the same day, Mrs. Liu Dan organized a lively Chinese traditional culture experience course for the Russian students. The course was composed of three parts: shadow puppetry, calligraphy and paper cutting. Both Russian students and Chines volunteers were fully participated in the course and DIY the small piece of arts on their own.


On December 5, 2018, Mr. Ivica's "Drama and Philosophy" was launched in the East of the second floor of Administration Center. This brainstorming lesson no need to be added up any fancy teaching skills, and there is no such thing that funny games is to push up the classroom atmosphere. What really matters are lecturer himself, and the exchanges of ideas and thoughts, no wander why the two-and-a-half-hour course extended to three and a half hours.


The LE English corner activity were organized by foreign teachers Imogen, Chris and Yesenia. All the games have mobilized students' enthusiasm and interests. Especially, the game named “Building Bridge” has won all the students’ love. This game required students to build a bridge with the only materials they had. The bridge had to be strong enough to hold the weight. Although some groups did not build bridges that could bear heavy loads, they still got praised by the beauty and its design of their bridge.


On December 6, 2018, other than a series of lectures, experience classes and workshops which were mostly held on campus. International Office arranged an out of campus one-day experience tour for Russia students to visit the countryside of China. The one-day tour mainly includes three parts:” Tu Yao”, “Ya Tai Sheep Dairy Factory” and “An Wu Ancient Town”. Tu Yao is probably the most common architectural styles in Shaanxi province. Taking Russian students to visit Tu Yao can not only help them have a certain cognition and understanding of the architectural characteristics of Shaanxi region, but also let them experience the new face of countryside in China. During the visit to Ya Tai Sheep Dairy Factory, Students expressed their strong admiration for the automatic intelligence technology of the white industry in Jingyang county. By visiting AnWu, students may comprehend the symbolism of Chinese architectures, such as the coordination of Yin and Yang, such as the symbol of nobleness and wealth.


On December 11, 2018, as the Russian Study Camp project drew to a close, International Office invited Pro. Qi to prepare the last lecture "Impression of China" for Russian students. This lecture is different from the previous ones. It mainly guided Russian students to tell what they have seen and what they have heard during this period. Students put forward various feedbacks and feelings, such as why the winter in Xi 'an feels colder than in Russia; Chinese technology is now reaching to this high (to eyebrow) and Russian technology is on the waist lever; some students also surprised by the incredible innovation occurred in China, mobile payment are used almost anytime and anywhere. In the end, Pro.Qi also prepared some farewell gifts for students.


In the afternoon, the Farewell Ceremony were conducted in Room 16, Eurasia Students' Activity Center. At the beginning of the ceremony, Russian students performed a series of songs and dances, which are gradually phases from slow rhythm to vibrant beats. Then our hip-hop club students came to the stage, they presented a dynamic dance; The battle of street dance between Chinese and Russian students pushed the atmosphere of the first half to the climax, followed by the hip-hop music club members to perform a rap collection. In order to express the friendship between China and Russia, one student representative and the one Russian student representative sang a classical Russian song “Катюша”.


In the second half of the farewell ceremony, the director of International Office, Miss. Ding Jie, and foreign teachers Yesenia presented certificates to 16 Russian students and volunteers who participated in the Study Camp, and this Study Camp also officially came to an end.

Someone may ask what is interscholastic internationalization? I think the answer to this question is not just about some complicated theory. There is another more humanistic answer: internationalization is students from different counties with different backgrounds are sincerely communicate with each other. Internationalization is those young faces are overflowing with bright smile. Internationalization is the tears in the eyes when saying goodbye. Internationalization is the hope and expectation for the next gathering. Therefore, the factors are probably the value and the core of this Study Camp, and in the meanwhile, are also the real meaning of cross-cultural cooperation and communication among groups and ethnics