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Start Here, Go Anywhere -- A Letter from Dr. Liu Jin, the President of Eurasia University

Dear graduates from high school


At this time of every year, we will communicate with you in this way, telling you what Eurasia advocates and values, and find students who share the values and pursuit to join Eurasia.


Real Projects make students learning naturally


Unlike academic research universities, Eurasia is an applied-oriented university. Hu Jianbo, the president of the board, said in his commencement speech this year that an applied-oriented university is not about training students to obtain certain skills, or making them work hard and following the rules, but cultivating them into someone can apply theoretical tools to solve problems and innovate in work.

The campus open days is coming around. If you come to visit the Eurasia campus, you will be welcome to the practical teaching exhibition in the exhibition hall of EAaD School of Art and Design, which includes some real designs and researches that EAaD teachers and students have participated in during the past two years.

In the closed ecological landscape design of the Jiangcungou garbage dump, the reconstruction of the former residence of Nian Gengyao in the historical district of Xi’an Hui people, the spatial planning of the south square area of Xi’an Railway Station and the Beautiful Countryside Construction Project in Baqiao District, you would figure out the way how teachers lead students to start from the preliminary investigation of a project. By their collecting information, raising up questions, digging out the needs, and then teamwork of brainstorm, making decisions, proposals of innovative solutions, and repeatedly communicating with customers, finally you could see the fruits appeared as they are now.

The project-based learning is shared by every other majors and schools of Eurasia. You will have chances to join various of workshops and tutorial teams after a basic simulation project practice. In the complicated and unpredictable societal projects, you will repidly applied your theoretical knowledge into practice, which would also testify your learning results and knowledge from multiple courses. Then you will become a zealous student obtained comprehensive abilities in trial and error.


Informal Learning Everywhere


Also, you will be amazed by the leisure spaces on campus. The exhibition halls, coffee bars, self-study areas distributed in teaching buildings and library. Livingrooms around the dorm buildings and chairs around the campus are provided for teachers and students to relax and also for students informal studies.

The second Livingroom was put into use this May, which used to be a quad surrounded by four dorm buildings. With glass and steel, we made it a corridor with lights and shadows among the four buildings. Just like the north Livingroom established in 2015, it is a public area for students to study and social interact, which are popular among students.


Digital technology and methods of teaching and learning are gradually integrated in Eurasia. The out-of-class learning is increasing, which requires more study space. Committed to “Students Centered”concept,  we designed “study-support” spaces and physical exercise spaces. You could be absorbed in study,  meet with teams, learn about the competition, participate in activities, and rehears for sports clubs, making you study everywhere.


Besides, informal learning will also happen in soccer field, gym, or any corners of the city. The Opening Ceromonies, sports meetings, Welcome Parties and other big activities on campus were planned and organized by students. Even in public services like Xian International Marathon Metro volunteer services, you will be widely connected with the society.

As the Harvard Political Review said, extracurricular activities provided more functions like teamwork, leadership, perseverance, virtue social connections and other learning experiences in real world. Plenty of extracurricular activities can not only help students to develop comprehensively and think independently, but also lead the way to acdemic and social success.


Grow Your Authentic Self


I talked with a graduate from the School of Finance a few days ago, who had just been hired by a state-owned bank. After a leaderless interviewthe rest of reviewers voted her for the two best performers, after she led 12 of them to discuss and brainstorm, and  bound them together when disagreement happened. She encouraged them to show themselves and also debated issues with them. The company commented that graduates of Eurasia has strong abilities of data analyzing, team working and


communication skills.


She thought the experiences in Eurasia helped her a lot. Got interested in Finance during high school, she improved the ability of business analyze and finance statistics during the four years project learning in School of Finance. She learned the critical thinking and decent communication from Eurasia DNA courses, and professional etiquette, making up, and flower arranging from community courses. She also joint other activities in clubs like sports & dance club.

She discovered her potential gradually, becoming more confident and brave to express herself after four years practice. and had grown her authentic self little by little.


Among the graduates of this year, some went to UK, Australia, Japan and many other countries to get master degrees, some are hired by World Top 500 companies, others chose to start their own business according to their own interests. Except for the employment quality, we also care about your personal career development cultivation. After two years’ exploring as freshmen, you will be aware of your future career. The industry-university projects, business incubation, and further study guidance will provide you multiple choices of career growth and help you to grow continuously and live a better life.




At this moment, you are going to fill the intentions for universities and make your own choice. You must be full of expectations and imaginary about future. In a famous university with beautiful campus and decent students, a lot of fun activities happens, and academic studies connect university to the society. Except for the popularity, Eurasia matches every detail in your imaginary. It is the so-called “university of someone else”

I encourage you to experience Eurasia online or offline. Start here, and go any where.

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