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Student Yang Kexin of Eurasia University Wins the First Prize at the Finals of the Shaanxi Competition Area of 2020 National English Contest for College Students

Recently, the finals of the Shaanxi Competition Area of 2020 National English Contest for College Students were held at Xidian University. Yang Kexin, a student from Class 1903, majoring in Network and New Media in the School of Culture & Media of Eurasia University, won the first prize at the provincial level in this competition. For this reason, we conducted an exclusive interview for Yang Kexin, who returned with great honor, to explore the hard-working story and feel the youth and vigor.

A swift horse still needs to meet Bole to tap into its potentials of galloping thousands of miles. A good teacher is also the "Bole" in our life. When we look back, we will find that there are always some people helping us to move forward on the road to success.


For Yang Kexin, her excellent results in this competition are inseparable from the guidance of Wang Ru, a teacher at the School of General Education. As she said, "In preparing for the finals, teacher Wang Ru was of great help to me. Careful guidance and intimate notification deeply encouraged me."


In addition, Yang Kexin is also very grateful to all the teachers of various schools for their teachings, especially her academic mentor Yang Ran who has provided patient teaching and meticulous care for Yang Kexin in both daily life and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions.

The north wind was bitter and deadly cold on the day of the finals. The cold weather made it difficult for Yang Kexin even to stretch out her fingers. The teaching building was surrounded by students from various colleges and universities who came to participate in the competition. Everyone was preparing for the competition with review materials. The scene made her thoughts flash back to the time of college entrance examination preparation. It was also such a feeling of indomitable ardor that made the atmosphere anxious.


It was not the first time that Yang Kexin has won a prize above the provincial level. In addition to this competition, Yang Kexin also took part in the Second Qin Yun Cup of National General Education Essay Competition in July this year and finally won the winning prize. When talking about this, Yang Kexin only said, "These two competitions were both organized at the first semester of my freshman year. At that time, I just signed up with the mentality of having a try. I reckoned that I should take it seriously and make full preparations now that I have signed up. Therefore, I tried to squeeze out my spare time to prepare for the competition and cherish every opportunity. Even if I don't win any prize finally, I'll never decline." Finally, when I learned that I won the prize, I felt really lucky."


Speaking of her way of learning English, Yang Kexin shared, "Before we come to the university, eighty percent of our knowledge is learned in the classes. However, in the university, only thirty percent of the knowledge is learned in the classes and the remaining seventy percent is completed by self-study. English class is never the only way to learn English knowledge. We need to spend more time and patience to do exercises, practice listening and memorize vocabulary."

In addition, Yang Kexin also stressed the importance of persistence. According to her, "We all know that there are many ways to improve English, such as watching English movies and listening to English songs. However, it's hard to put into practice what is known. Only by making unremitting efforts step by step can we lay a good foundation for English learning."


"Mastering English is a necessary skill and core competitiveness in the current society. I will also study English hard all the time and step by step. Now I plan to pass CET-6 in December so that I can start preparing for the English exam of the postgraduate entrance examination next year. If there are competitions in the future, I will still take an active part in them. We should never set limits on ourselves!" At this point, Yang Kexin has also made her goals clearer.

There is no shortcut to success. Success cannot be achieved without a solid foundation and experience accumulation. Only ardor and unremitting persistence can lead us to success. We must all strive for the best, continue to learn and make continuous progress.


Always full of expectation is a "master card" of Yang Kexin. She said, "I have always firmly believed that everything that I make efforts for at present will benefit me at some time in the future." Always keeping looking forward, adopting a positive outlook on life and being full of confidence in the future and in yourself are the shining points reflected on Yang Kexin.


"I‘m eager to learn." Yang Kexin has been following this sentence. In addition to the excellent academic results, Yang Kexin is also a girl having a keen sense of the joy of life. She likes photography and joined the Thunder Special Report Group, a social organization of the School of Culture & Media, in her freshman year. At the activity site, Yang Kexin is often the most active one. Moreover, she also takes an active part in various activities organized by schools, seizing every opportunity to improve herself.

Her seriousness, efforts and earnest work are all stepping stones helping her reach new heights. Success is never groundless. It is a gift to people with hard work and persistent efforts day and night.

Selected photography works by Yang Kexin


It is hoped that all of you can find what you love and make efforts to achieve the dream. Let serious struggle become the best story in youth and forge ahead without regrets. If you have not taken any action, it is not too late. If you have already acted, please run faster. The door of "success" is always open to you!