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Good News! Xi’an Eurasian University Approved as an ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner

On April 27, 2021, the headquarters of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (“ACCA” for short) sent an email, officially approving Xi’an Eurasian University (XEU) as an ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner. This indicates that XEU’s ACCA education is highly recognized by ACCA’s British headquarters in terms of high-quality ACCA teaching and student affairs service. XEU has become the first and only private university with ACCA education in China which is approved as an ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner, and it is now on the same platform with ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partners of first-tier universities in China.

According to the provisions and evaluation indicators of ACCA’s British headquarters for ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner, and with the initiative of the ACCA Center at School of Accounting, XEU set up an ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner application work team, and officially started the application work in October 2020. Through five months of work and adequate preparation, it completed online submission of materials and passed the review and assessment of electronic data of evaluation indicators by ACCA’s British headquarters


On March 24, 2021, designated by ACCA’s British headquarters, Ms Zhang Lina, Education and Student Development Manager and Ms Liu Fang, Education and Development Director of ACCA’s Beijing Office arrived at XEU for on-site review. Professor Wu Xiaoguang, director of the ACCA Center at School of Accounting, reported the construction and development of ACCA in XEU to them. They reviewed the ACCA CBE Center and ACCA teaching facilities as well as ACCA teaching materials specified by the evaluation indicators, and asked and talked with ACCA students. After the review, Zhang Lina and Liu Fang highly affirmed and praised the beautiful campus and perfect ACCA teaching and management, which all laid a good foundation for the approval of ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner.


Being approved as an ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner has a far-reaching and important influence on XEU’s boosting of its localized international development strategy. As an authoritative ACCA professional training institution, ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner marks excellent teaching quality and ACCA global unified examination passing rate complying with ACCA’s high quality, as well as high-quality, all-round student affairs service and multimedia teaching hardware reaching the assessment requirements of ACCA’s British headquarters. Among the over 100 first-tier universities with ACCA education in China, only eight are ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partners, and XEU now takes the lead in ACCA teaching and management among private universities in China. ACCA’s British headquarters and ACCA China’s offices will recommend XEU to students participating in ACCA learning, ACCA employers will also more recognize the high-quality ACCA students cultivated by XEU, and our graduates will have more employment choices and better career prospects.


2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period of XEU. Led by the international development plan and driven by “five cups of coffee”, we are propelling the localization of international education. The approval of ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner will lead and actively promote our on-going business international education, cooperation with overseas colleges and introduction of international teachers. School of Accounting will also work with School of International Business to jointly intensify the implementation of the localized international development strategy, fully utilize ACCA-related international quality education resources, provide students with diversified international course learning channels and support in internship, employment, and further study, and help students keep improving their international competitiveness and capability of adapting to the global working environment.