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Hu Jianbo Engaged as Adjunct Professor at SNNU CEEE and Shared Education Practice of XEU

Professor Shi Yaojiang awards the certificate of adjunct professor to Professor Hu Jianbo, chairman of XEU


On the afternoon of April 29, a ceremony for the engagement of adjunct professors was held in the Center for Experimental Economics in Education (CEEE) of Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU). Professor Hu Jianbo, founder and chairman of Xi’an Eurasian University (XEU), and Professor Luo Xinyuan, secretary of the Party Committee of Xi’an Peihua University, were jointly engaged as adjunct professors of CEEE. Professor Shi Yaojiang, director of CEEE, awarded them with certificates. Professor Hu Jianbo also shared the theme of “Rethinking and New Actions of Student Affairs Reform in Colleges and Universities”, and discussed with CEEE teachers and students on the thoughts and actions of applying educational theory research to practice.


Common original aspiration and pursuit of education bridge exchange and cooperation with each other


CEEE is a research institution directly subordinate to SNNU, and an overseas expertise introduction base for the construction of human capital cultivation think tank in rural areas in western poverty-stricken areas under the Overseas Expertise Introduction Project for Discipline Innovation (111 Project) of the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Under the leadership of Professor Shi Yaojiang, CEEE focuses on the development of rural education in China and boosts the translation of its research results into governmental and social actions through policy simulation experiments to promote educational equity and realize the dreams of rural children.

Professor Shi Yaoyiang introduces CEEE


Professor Shi Yaojiang introduced the vision, action plan and research results of CEEE. CEEE is working on four projects, i.e., Raising for the Future, Seeing the Future, Healthy Future and Information Future, to help improve the raising of infants and young children in poverty-stricken rural areas, the protection of students’ eyesight, the nutritional and health status of infants and young children, and the educational informatization of primary and secondary schools. Through their efforts, their research results continue to help governments make sustainable and targeted improvements in their policies, thereby enhancing the human capital of rural children in the future and fundamentally stop the intergenerational transmission of poverty.


 I’m honored to be engaged as an adjunct professor at CEEE,” said Professor Hu Jianbo. “CEEE has long been focusing on the research on rural education, which coincides with the educational original aspiration of School of Humanity Education at XEU. We are committed to changing the status quo of education for children, cultivating teachers who really pay attention to the all-round development of children and children education experts with “diagnostic” educational capabilities, and meanwhile providing research for the development of regional education and children’s industry, and promoting educational equity. We hope to enhance academic exchanges and teacher cooperation with CEEE, and jointly explore topics such as improvements in regional education, cultivation of preschool and primary school teachers, and research on children’s growth and development.


Sharing of university student affairs reform and discussions on samples from theory to practice


As an expert who has long been researching on private higher education and strategic management, Professor Hu Jianbo has over 20 years of experience in university operation and management. After the certificate awarding ceremony, he was invited to share the theme of “Rethinking and New Actions of Student Affairs Reform in Colleges and Universities”.


Professor Hu Jianbo talked about the reforms in student affairs of XEU in the past decade around theories related to student development, campus environment, management science and student learning, and demonstrated from a practical perspective how to apply educational theoretical research to education and teaching reforms. His speech drew great interest and attention from the teachers and students on XEU.

Professor Hu Jianbo gives a theme sharing


In recent years, based on the research on a large number of benchmark cases, XEU has carried out a “community system” reform on student affairs management, including stripping student affairs from academic affairs and developing student affairs management towards professionalism; establishing different cultural communities with the dormitory area as an important position for student affairs; valuing the all-round development of students, and guiding students to become the dominators of informal learning... The community system has become an important part of talent cultivation at XEU.


 “This year, we reformed the Student Affairs Committee, with the head of School of General Education holding the concurrent post of director of the Student Affairs Committee, aiming to strengthen the liberal education of students and the integration with professional learning,” explained Professor Hu Jianbo. “During its new round of student affairs reform, XEU will help students to achieve self-realization and independence and obtain comprehensive and sustainable development through collaboration between student affairs committees at both university and school levels, building of a whole value chain of student affairs, direct management and service of grass-roots student affairs bodies, and establishment of a learning support center to address students’ learning difficulties, etc.”



 “What are the positive effects of XEU’s innovative reforms on students’ social adaptation, academic performance and mental health?” “While XEU emphasizes the individualized development of students, what are the characteristics of its talent cultivation?” After the sharing, CEEE teachers and students had in-depth exchanges with Professor Hu Jianbo on many questions of interest, and gave relevant suggestions on the empirical research on education of “XEU Model”. Professor Hu Jianbo welcomed them to visit XEU to further mutual academic visits and deep collaboration between the two sides.


Chen Yang, Executive Dean of School of Humanity Education at XEU, and Zhao Jian, Assistant Dean of Institute of Eurasia Education and Innovation (IEEI), also participated in the above activities.

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