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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC! The Drama, The Communist Manifesto, was Performed in Xi’an Eurasia University

"Happiness comes from our heart, from joining the revolution and helping the poor. Only in this way will happiness be felt even if we have nothing, even if we lost our life."


"A person who has no faith, will have no pursuit, no morality, and no shame. If a country has no faith, there is no justice, no dignity, and no fairness."


The lines were rhythmic and forceful, and the plot was full of twists, which impressed and moved the audiences and won continuous applause.


On May 28 and 29, on the theme of "Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC, Remembering the Pledges in Youth" - the drama, The Communist Manifesto, was performed at the gymnasium of Xi’an Eurasia University. This show was co-sponsored by the Publicity Department of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, the Education Working Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Communist Youth League of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, guided and organized by Xi'an Performing Arts Group and Xi'an Theatre, and studied and performed by the drama troupe of University Student Art Troupes of Xi'an Eurasia University.


Comrade Jia Lin, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Professor Yu Mengchen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xi'an Eurasia University, Zhang Junhong, Secretary of Publicity Department of the Party Committee of Xi'an Eurasia University and Vice President, and Professor Xu Xiaofeng, Honorary Adviser of Ideological and Political Department of Xi'an Eurasia University, and Head of the leading talent team of Basic Principles of Marxism in Heilongjiang Province, and more than 1,000 teachers and students had watched the performance.


The background of the drama was in the 1920s when revolutions frequently happened in China. During this period, the CPC and the Kuomintang (KMT) carried out a life-to-death contest, which was a serious test for the communists who faced the choice of ideals and beliefs.


Brief Synopsis


On the stage, the heroine, Lin Yufei, a communist, was escaping from the enemies on the street with The Communist Manifesto which was as important as her life in her arms. At that moment, she was rescued and taken home by a progressive, Kuang Mei.


However, what surprised her was that she returned to the house she had lived in with her ex-husband, and met her ex-husband Kuang Zhaonian and her son Kuang Wei. Then, a story full of twists about intellectual and emotional confrontation started.


In the drama, both Kuang Zhaonian and Kuang Wei had the ideal of saving the nation. Kuang Zhaonian was a successful businessman who ran the silk business left by his ancestors and hoped that developing industry can save the nation. As an upright soldier, Kuang Wei hoped to realize his ideal of saving the nation through a revolution in the army of the KMT. However, the insidious, selfish, hypocritical and greedy reactionaries, represented by Shen Zhuo, head of the spy department of the police station, shattered their ideals.

"Everything has been destroyed and everything will restart." In the end, influenced by Lin Yufei, a member of the CPC, the father and the son saw China's hope and future and finally embarked on a true path of saving the Chinese nation. (Extracted from Shaanxi Daily)

The drama has made great efforts to shape a group of ambitious youth who were willing to carry out revolutions to pursue their ideals and save the nation and the people. They had interpreted a "realistic version" of The Communist Manifesto with their selfless dedication and heroism in the face of life and death, honor and shame, and reputation and interest.

After watching the play, teachers and students said that they had a clearer understanding of the history of the CPC and had understood the deep meaning of "no the Communist Party, no the new China". Only by continuously learning and recalling the glorious history of the Party can contemporary young people better carry forward the revolutionary tradition, obtain new achievements and make China more prosperous.

The preparation and arrangement work of the drama started from March 2021 and the official performance on stage was on May 2021. In more than two months, teachers and students of the drama troupe of University Student Art Troupes of Xi'an Eurasia University had spent their weekend time to repeatedly rehearse. Student actors participating in this play not only learned perseverance, unity, understanding and inclusiveness but also knew about the spirit of the CPC from the story of the communists who dedicated themselves to the nation and the country during the historical crisis and strengthened their ideals and beliefs.


Yu Xinni, class of 2019, journalism major of the School of Culture and Media, also the head of the drama troupe of University Student Art Troupes, played the role of the communist, Lin Yufei. After the performance, she was deeply impressed and said, "Lin Yufei, an outstanding female communist, represented a group of revolutionary people who pursued their ideals and devoted themselves to saving the country and the people. As a university student, we must cherish the hard-earned life today, shoulder the mission entrusted by the times, and constantly move forward to create a better future.