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Li Zhisheng: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mean Daring to Think and Create

Xi'an Eurasia University is a special place, where everyone is full of innovative and useful modern spirit. They are either teachers and students who are creative, good at thinking and expressing themselves, or teams that challenge themselves in different fields and have the courage to practice and innovate.  Their bodies are engraved with the DNA of Eurasia, and their actions affect the people and the world around them to move forward.


What kind of experience do those around us have that made us attracted?  The "Faces of Eurasia" series on the WeChat Official Account of Xi’an Eurasia University continues to bring you these different faces of Eurasia, and the stories behind them.



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Li Zhisheng

Project Manager of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Industry-University-Research Cooperation Center of School of Higher Vocational Education


With the development of "Internet +", in higher education, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions such as the "Internet +" and the "Challenge Cup" have implanted innovative genes into the campus, incubating the entrepreneurial soil at a new ecological level and stimulating the infinite vitality of innovation.


"Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mean Daring to Think, Break Through and Create. " says Li Zhisheng, a teacher from the School of Higher Vocational Education As the Project Manager of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Industry-University-Research Cooperation Center of School of Higher Vocational Education,  he led the student team to achieve excellent results in various innovation and entrepreneurship events.  "Whether it is an 'Internet +' project or a project for students to start their own businesses, it is not always smooth to achieve higher achievements. It requires the collision of ideas and a step-by-step process. 


Chapter 1


Guiding the "Internet Plus" Competition and Cultivating the Campus Innovation Force


Every year from June to September, as the graduation season ends and the summer vacation begins, the campus gradually quiets down, but for Mr. Li, it is the busiest time of year.


"At that time, I stayed with my students every day for revising programs, giving suggestions, leading the team to have a brainstorm, and so on. On the threshold of the final, I had to visit the experts every day for instruction." Li Zhisheng said. China College Students "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is a staged event lasting for whole year. It is launched in March and April each year. After the school-level preliminary review, the selected teams will wait for the college-level selection. The winners of the college-level race will play in the provincial and national competitions in August and September.


The events in which Li Zhisheng played a role of instruction


Rooted in the concept of "Internet Plus", the innovative thinking from the campus is usually of divergence. The projects included in this competition are diversified and complex. As a result, in order to support the implementation of each innovative idea as much as possible, Li Zhisheng needs to give instruction to multiple projects at the same time. "During the busiest time, I had to give instruction to four different projects."


"It is just like reading four books of different literary styles."  He refined the instruction for his students' innovation and entrepreneurship by means of reading. Different projects involve completely different technical characteristics, and the related way of thinking and design logic for these projects are different likewise. As an instructor, Li Zhisheng needs to have control of projects, that is to say, provide support for the students' ideas from the packaging in the early stage to the presentation in the later stage as far as the projects are concerned.


"The biggest difficulty for the students is business plan. My students excel in practicing, but the written expression of their business plans is relatively weak. As far as the reason is concerned, a business plan should present the way of thinking for the whole entrepreneurship process in a very explicit way as an information carrier, not only substantial but also attractive in terms of content." ”


Make preparation for the "Internet +" Competition


Li Zhisheng's instruction idea is to make thorough analysis on the tone of the "Internet +" Competition every year. "There will be more or less changes every year, which depends on the changes in terms of national policies and principles each year. If the projects which students choose involve the policy hot spots, there will be more opportunities for them to gain support for developing their own entrepreneurial projects to create higher values." For example, under the call of comprehensive poverty alleviation, he instructed the students' projects to be oriented by this theme. As a result, the project of Astragalus planting won the gold medal in the provincial-level race of China College Students "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.


In order to cultivate the students' way of thinking for entrepreneurship, Li Zhisheng encourages students to do some internship during their summer vacation. "I will ask for submission of their business plans after their internship, and then help them make some improvement by use of the resources included in the SYB training courses, so as to present a complete project."


"The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is a good form," said Li Zhisheng, "but what students really need to learn from the Competition is to cultivate innovative thinking, and to tap into good projects for broadening their vision as well as improving their ability in knowledge transformation and aggregation. ”


Chapter 2

Teacher or coach, a multi-role player


In 2017, Li Zhisheng came to Xi’an Eurasia University to work as Innovation and Entrepreneurship Instructor of School of Higher Vocational Education. "At that time, I accompanied a friend on a job interview there. A teacher from Human Resource Department suggested me to submit my resume. After the further interview, I felt that we share the common ideas, so I came to Xi’an Eurasia University."


Before coming to Xi’an Eurasia University, he had rich working experience. When taking the courses for Service Management Master in Stenden University of Applied Sciences (Holland), he went to work in California as a biotechnology representative of Terra Garden (USA) and Hooymans (Holland); After returning to China, he received invitations from multiple companies and chose to work in the financial industry. He took the lead in implementing a mode for intrapreneurship within the company.

Studying in Holland


"My initial career plan did not include the option of 'becoming a teacher'. "said Li Zhisheng. Before he worked as a  teacher, he had founded a sports culture company in cooperation with his friends to provide organization and planning for various sports events. At the same time, he also worked part-time as a baseball coach and had experience in training several baseball or softball teams in Xi'an, Tongchuan and Hanzhong.

Bartending class, Giving instruction to baseball training


Contact with Xi’an Eurasia University is a fortunate coincidence, and the unexpected beginning unveils multiple possibilities for the future. With rich experience in work and entrepreneurship, Li Zhisheng can give instruction to students in all aspects from various perspectives, and has led students to win many awards in China College Students "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Award-winning projects instructed by Li Zhisheng

Li Zhisheng won the "Excellent Instructor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Award for the third year in a row.


Chapter 3 

Lead the Entrepreneurship Practice Class and discover the future star

It is Li Zhisheng's new study subject to introduce innovation and entrepreneurship projects into class teaching to define the teaching dimensions for entrepreneurship.


"As we find, many students who are active in innovation and entrepreneurship have ingenious ideas about the projects, but most of them have no sufficient market resources and social experiences. Hence, we give the juniors who have the will of self-entrepreneurship access to SYB projects, and provide them with entrepreneurship teaching. ”

Li Zhisheng led the project of "Crafts Time" to negotiate over business cooperation.

SYB (Start your business) is a entrepreneurship course set up by School of Higher Vocational Education in the direction of entrepreneurial practice. Due to this teaching method completely simulating real entrepreneurship, SYB has the "special" selection criteria. "Participating in the "Internet + Competition" is a prerequisite. In addition, we need to have our own feasible projects. Through experts' comprehensive evaluation after preliminary screening, those qualified projects can be included."


Wang Bilong, from the major of chain operation and management, is one of the 34 students in the SYB entrepreneurship class enrolled in 2018. His entrepreneurship project "Minimal Campus" has won the awards in multiple innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and the "Hamster Mini-deliveryman" software he develops has also acquired many items of copyright.

"Hamster Mini-deliveryman" Project by Wang Bilong from the SYB entrepreneurship class”


Inspired by an idea of "solving the problem in taking express parcels for students", Wang Bilong has been gradually expanding and upgrading his entrepreneurial project. Up to now, he has established a company specializing in Internet service, developing Internet technologies for those entrepreneurial teams composed of college students. "I strongly recommend that the students should conduct SYB-type evaluation on their projects and themselves before starting their business. The last systematic upgrading of our project was completed after we finished the SYB courses." said Wang Bilong. "Now the logic is clearer, the data is more intuitive, and the project is more complete in its entirety."


The real situations of the market can be experienced in class. More importantly, in this teaching class with consistent objectives, students shall first learn to help each other and make each other a resource before taking the first step towards the market. "In the SYB class, some students have channels and some have technologies. Although college students' entrepreneurship is limited to some extent in practice, we till have many cooperation intentions in the process of communication and learning." said Li Xue, a student starting a business on cosmetics e-commerce.

In teaching for the SYB class


"For the students in the SYB class, they are experiencing the final transformation from college to society. Most students lack corresponding market resources and entrepreneurship experience, and their own projects have not stood firm in the market," said Li Zhisheng. "Here, they can have a deeper understanding of each other's projects while improving their own capacity."


By concretizing the entrepreneurial ideas in class, SYB incubates various projects, covering film and television production, campus MCN, new rural tourism, new Internet retailing, sci-tech driving school, sci-tech agriculture, suppliers on the catering chain, automobile leasing, import&export commerce, sports education and other walks of life.

Li Zhisheng led students to join the "Internet +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Special Training Camp


As the related data shows, for the most active group starting business in China, their members are at the age of from 25 to 34, with more and more college students involved. In 2020, the number of college student as entrepreneurs is up to 820,000.


This is an age full of uncertainty, with too many directions and complicated paths for the broad future. Nevertheless, it is something like a natural capability for young entrepreneurs to explore the unknown world.


On the way to business-starting, students shall continuously activate and renew themselves. For Li Zhisheng, he has led the students of one group after another with the same dream into the entrepreneurial market to bravely challenge the future for the next moment.


This is always a two-way journey, with the future on its both ends.