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School of Business Administration Wins the Bronze Medal in the Finals of "2021 National Barcode Automatic Identification Knowledge Contest"

In the national finals of the National College Student Barcode Automatic Identification Knowledge Contest ended on June 6th, the Logistics Management Major of the School of Business Administration participated in the undergraduate group competition. The participants were Cui Zhe, Sun Ruru, Liu Yifan and Li Ruilong, coached by Yao Jun and Meng Yan.   After fierce elimination matches of the group competition, our business administration team stood out from 252 teams and successfully entered the national final of the undergraduate group, and finally won the bronze prize in the undergraduate group of the "2021 National Student Barcode Automatic Identification Knowledge Contest".


This event is sponsored by GS1 China and co-organized by the Automatic Identification Manufacture Association of China and the China Association for Bar Code Technology and Application. It is an important and highly professional event for the students majoring in the logistics supply chain. Since 2009, our university has participated in this event every year, and this is the thirteenth consecutive year.


Challenging Shortlisting Process


The group competition of the National College Student Automatic Identification Knowledge Contest needs to go through three competition courses: individual selection, group competition elimination, and group competition finals, each of which requires the full commitment of instructors and team members.


First, the students successfully passed the selection of individual competition. Then they entered the national group competition elimination series.


The group competition is a comprehensive examination of students' ability, especially in IoT and information technology knowledge, such as EDI, RFID, control technology, sensing technology, GIS and GPS. The instructors, Mr. Yao and Ms. Meng, carried out a series of training for the participating students. To fully prepare for the group competition, the training included theoretical knowledge expansion, special skills training, flowchart drawing, and the operation of software for making various automatic identification barcodes or labels.  After the completion of the special training, the students and teachers repeatedly discussed the topic for the group elimination series, and finally decided on the hot topic of "Research on Cold Chain Logistics Information System of COVID-19 Vaccine Based on GS1 — with CanSino Biologics as an example".


(Photo I) Writing discussions

(Photo II) Paper guidance

(Photo III) Team photo


After many days of discussions, revisions and repeated scrutiny, our School of Business Administration team finally advanced to the national finals from more than 100 universities across China (6 teams in the national undergraduate group).




The group competition finals of the 2021 National Barcode Automatic Identification Knowledge Contest were held on June 5th and June 6th in Nanning, Guangxi. A total of six undergraduate teams advanced to the national finals. Our team competed with teams of five universities from Chengdu, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Nanning and Xi'an.


In the two-day final, these six teams took a comprehensive competition through three links: knowledge quiz on automatic identification, practical operation of supply chain software, and solution paper defense. At the same time, they also learned and exchanged experiences with each other.  The instructors and every team member put a lot of effort into intense competition during these two days.


(Photo IV) Winning the Copper Prize


In order to improve the concise and precise language of the solution paper defense in the group finals, the team members rehearsed repeatedly at the competition venue until two hours before the competition. Many hours of practice resulted in a successful paper defense and the approval of the expert jury. The team's proposal, "Research on Cold Chain Logistics Information System of COVID-19 Vaccine Based on GS1 — with CanSino Biologics as an example", was well received by the judges during the defense. They thought that the topic chosen by our team closely followed the current hot topic, which could start the research in the context of the major health event - COVID-19, put the professional knowledge learned into practice, and the proposal had certain practical significance and good innovation.

(Photo V) Defence scene


The operation competition of supply chain software required each team member to play four different roles of sales, production, transportation and storage to complete the cold chain supply chain process. Our team members played well in this part, but due to the sudden network problem of our equipment during the competition, the supply chain software operation was affected. Finally, our team won the bronze medal in the undergraduate group competition of the "2021 National College Student Barcode Automatic Identification Knowledge Contest".

(Photo VI) Group photo of award-winning teachers and students



Acceptance Speech



Cui Zhe, "First of all, I feel extremely honored to participate in this competition, and I am very grateful to the teachers for their careful guidance.  This competition not only makes me learn a lot about barcode expertise, but also exercised my will. In addition, I understand the importance of teamwork."


Sun Ruru, "Throughout the competition, our team members and teachers worked tirelessly to complete our work, and we continued to modify until the night before the finals.  This competition has improved our knowledge, ability and quality, and we need to learn more from other excellent teams."


Liu Yifan, "I feel great to be able to go through this unforgettable experience and participate in this competition with my teammates, and I am very grateful to Mr. Yao and Ms. Meng for their careful guidance. This competition has enabled me to improve my drawing ability, learn a lot of barcode knowledge, and improve my professional knowledge. My own self-cultivation and will also have been enhanced accordingly, and I am very happy to participate in this competition with you all. I sincerely hope that there will be such opportunities in the future!"


Li Ruilong, "First of all, I would like to thank my teachers and teammates. We have learned a lot during the competition, including expertise, will, and teamwork skills.  For me, this competition is very meaningful."





The School of Business Administration adheres to the concept of "student-centered", promoting learning through competitions, and enhancing students' practical ability and innovative spirit cultivation through professional competitions (which is a characteristic of the talent cultivation). Through the participation of the barcode competition, teachers and students can really apply the theoretical knowledge of the core professional courses, and the participation of the barcode competition can supplement the teachers' professional knowledge, and make the students' learning and understanding of the courses reach a new height. Both students and teachers gained a lot, which fully illustrates that the application competition with high degree of professional fit is an effective way for students to link theory with practice and improve their comprehensive quality.




 (By: School of Business Administration)