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Wang Shanwen Leads the Organizing Committee Inspection Team to the University to Investigate the Rehearsal of Volunteers and Student Performers for the 14th National Games as well as the Paralympic Games and Special Olympics

On the morning of June 11th, Shaanxi Provincial Government Deputy Secretary-General Wang Shanwen and Shaanxi Provincial Government Inspector Wu Pengxiang led a 13-member inspection team of the 14th National Games and Special Olympics' Organizing Committee to investigate volunteers and student performers' rehearsal. Wang Shanwen is also the Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the 14th National Games as well as the Paralympic Games and Special Olympics, while Wu Pengxiang is the Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee Office.  The delegates, including Liu Jin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the university, and Zhang Junhong, Director of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee and Vice President of the university. The heads of relevant departments of the university attended the discussion.

In this discussion, Principal Liu Jin welcomed the working group on behalf of the university and said that the university would actively cooperate with the organizing committee and contribute our university's strength to hold a wonderful and successful sports event.  Vice President Zhang Junhong introduced the preceding organization and rehearsal of the university volunteers and student actors.  He promised that the university would attach great importance to this work, and carefully implement the preparations in accordance with the deployment arrangements of the organizing committee to fully guarantee the rehearsal.

Tang Liru, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and Wu Pengxiang, Inspector of the Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference, fully appraised the preparations of the university for the games. They served in the Organizing Committee as Deputy Head of the Department of Large-scale Events and Deputy Office Director respectively. They believe that as the university that took the initiative to apply for rehearsal of three important programs for the opening ceremony of the Games, Xi'an Eurasian University shoulders an important responsibility and mission. Therefore, the organizing committee will also give corresponding policy support to guarantee the orderly progress of the school's rehearsal work.

Wang Shanwen, Shaanxi Provincial Government Deputy Secretary-General and Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee on behalf of the Organizing Committee, appreciated the university's preparatory work in the last stage. He pointed out that this performance is a high-profile learning and practice activity for students, so the university should take a firm political stance, coordinate and provide various support policies and service guarantees for the participating students. In addition, the university should pay attention to the students' physical health and thought situation to ensure that no accidents, no COVID-19 infection and no public fury occur. The university should develop scientific and reasonable rehearsal plans from specific problems, make training tension and relaxation, and minimize the impact of performance rehearsal on students' studies.

After the meeting, Wang Shanwen had a cordial exchange with the student performers and encouraged them to cherish this opportunity and show their qualities to the world.




 (By: Student Development Office)