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Four Students of Financial Management Major Received the CMA Scholarship

Recently, the winners of the 2021 CMA Scholarship, which was established by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), were announced. Among them, Huang Xuan, Li Xi, and Lin Qiyao, students of Grade 2018 as well as Wang Xueyao, a student of Grade 2019, majoring in Financial Management, School of Accounting, Xi'an Eurasia University won the 2021 CMA Scholarship, and they will get the opportunity of free CMA student registration and CMA examination (equivalent to about RMB 6,000). This indicates that the international talent training and teaching quality of management accounting in Xi'an Eurasia University has been highly recognized by IMA. Furthermore, Gao Kaixian and Shen Mingmin, students of Grade 2017 of Financial Management Major who won the 2020 CMA Scholarship, have passed all the exams of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and obtained the CMA certificate in their senior year.

(Photo I-IV) Certificates


CMA is the gold certification in the field of management accounting and financial management across the world. It is widely recognized in the world with AICPA and CFA, which are also called the "three gold certificates" in the global financial field. In the past year, the global economy has faced great uncertainty. How will the economic outlook affect job security and salary? To figure it out, IMA conducted a salary survey of respondents from 80 countries and regions around the world in 2020. The results show that the median wage and total income of CMA holders are 60% and 63% higher than those of non-CMA holders respectively. In addition, the majority of respondents in top management and senior management are CMA holders. Compared with non-CMA holders, CMA holders were more likely to hold the following roles: Chief Financial Officer (67%), Finance Director (59%), Director of Financial Planning and Analysis (63%), and Senior Financial Analyst (66%).

After successfully passing the CMA exam, Gao Kaixian said: "The process of preparing for the exam is really hard, and it's also a psychological warfare. When I get the certificate, I feel all my efforts are worth it! The most important is that an attitude of long-term persistence and the experience of fighting for a goal will benefit us for a lifetime. CMA is applicable to financial management. For newly graduated students, it can improve their professional work ability and competitiveness, and lay a foundation for later career planning." At present, Shen Mingmin is working as an implementation consultant in Zhejiang Hangzhou Yonyou Software Co., Ltd. and her main job is to launch or switch financial software for major enterprise groups. She said: "In the whole implementation cycle, I would communicate closely with the accounting personnel. Sometimes, the content involved in the conversation would echo with the CMA knowledge I have learned, which is also helpful for me to quickly capture each other's needs and pain points." At the same time, she also put forward a message to the younger students: "when I got the CMA Certificate after half a year's preparation, I suddenly felt that the time and energy I had invested in the past were worth it. When you begin to prepare for CMA, you should plan your time reasonably and combine the time of study and entertainment efficiently. You can choose to study in the morning when you are energetic, and then you can have some leisure in the evening. Don't keep learning to strain your nerves, and don't prepare for it with a 3-minute passion."

(Photo V) Gao Kaixian (Financial Management Major)

 (Photo VI) Shen Mingmin (Financial Management Major)


CMA Scholarship Program is a global promotion program of IMA, which aims to support and help the outstanding undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students in colleges and universities all over the world to understand the value of management accounting, obtain CMA certification and publicize the value of management accounting, encourage outstanding college students to join the management accounting industry, and meet the expanding talent demand of many companies' financial teams.


The School of Accounting of Xi’an Eurasia University and IMA cooperated on the CMA Scholarship Program, so as to provide high-quality learning resources for students majoring in finance and accounting, encourage them to learn their major well, help them strive to become high-end management accounting talents, achieve high-quality employment, and make contributions to the development of the industry.



The selection mechanism of the CMA Scholarship is very strict. The winners are required to be students majoring in management or accounting, with good English reading and writing ability, excellent academic performance and comprehensive quality, and leadership potential.

In 2021, four students of the Financial Management Major of Xi'an Eurasia University won the CMA Scholarship. They are very grateful to IMA and the University for the opportunities they have provided to the students, and they will make full use of the resources provided by the University, expand their knowledge, and prepare for entering society and workplace in the future.


The CMA Teacher Team of the School of Accounting has tailored learning plans and test preparation schemes for students, regularly communicated with students on learning progress, put forward suggestions and guidance on learning planning, and provided comprehensive resource guarantees for students to obtain certificates.


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The Financial Management Major of the School of Accounting, Xi'an Eurasia University has been committed to the knowledge development and teaching of the related fields of management accounting for many years.


In 2012, Xi'an Eurasia University developed the Management Accounting curriculum with Shanghai Easyfinance Management Consulting Co., Ltd.; at the same year, the Management Accounting curriculum was approved as the excellent resource-sharing curriculum of Shaanxi Province;


In 2016, the Management Accounting curriculum has been approved as the key construction curriculum of Xi'an Eurasia University to carry out continuous reconstruction. The "Case of Activity-based Costing" and the "Application of Balanced Scorecard in College Performance Management" won the Third Prize and the Second Prize of Shaanxi Province Outstanding Cases of Management Accounting respectively, and the newly designed "Management Accounting" curriculum has been running online for 3 years on the Zhuhuishu platform;


In 2017, the Financial Management Major was approved as a "Provincial First-class Major Construction Site"


In 2018, developing courses on Management Reporting and Group Consolidated Statement of Financial Position and Comprehensive Budget Module and Strategic Financial Valuation in cooperation with Tansun Technology Co., Ltd.


In 2019, the course "Management Accounting" won the third prize in the 9th Great Classroom of Applied Curriculum Development.


In 2020, the major of financial management was directly recommended as a national first-class major construction site in the "Double Ten Thousand Plan".


In the future, the program will adhere to the "student-centered" philosophy and continue to provide high-quality educational services for students.