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Opening Ceremony of “Resonance” Architecture Culture Week of Xi’an Eurasia University Brings Surprising Experience

Resonance Architecture Culture Week explores the connection between human and space as well as the past and the future with the "resonance" as response. On the afternoon of June 19th, the Resonance Architecture Culture Week co-sponsored by Xi’an Eurasia University and üook Arch inaugurated at the North E Teaching Building of our campus.

The Resonance Architecture Culture Week has four units, namely, "Observing the City Plan" Exhibition, "Collision of Thoughts" Lectures & Forums, "Camping Tour" Campus Market and "Ambulant Architecture" Bauhaus Workshop. The symbiotic evolution between education and architecture is reflected through the sharing of high-quality architectural aesthetics and distinctive architectural expression.

At the opening ceremony, Bai Yan, partner of Tumushi Architects, Ye Siyu, Partner of Approach Architecture Studio (ASS) Beijing and a Chief Designer, Qi Fan, Partner of Vari Design and a Design Director, delivered three wonderful speeches. Their interpretation of the new campus for the future, renewal practice of ASS, and understanding of the new urban scale, construct a positive response to the present architecture and education. At the opening ceremony of the Resonance Architecture Culture Week, over 50 architects and designers were invited to share their thoughts.

In addition to paying attention to the diversity of education and humanistic architecture, the Resonance Architecture Culture Week also launched a theme forum. Hu Jianbo, Founder and President of Xi’an Eurasia University, Tony Brown, Dean of EAaD School, Song Qun, Founder of Local and Curator of Xi'an City Memory Museum, and Ye Siyu, Partner of ASS Beijing and a Chief Designer, gathered and had a dialogue focusing on the power of young designers and exploring the concept of campus construction in higher education.

The power of the architectural design condensed on the ground continues to create in the exploration. At the opening ceremony of the Resonance Architecture Culture Week, Xi’an Eurasia University and üook Arch jointly launched the "Eurasia Campus Cultural Landscape Project", which was released by Hu Jianbo, Founder and President of Xi’an Eurasia University. The "Eurasia Campus Cultural Landscape Project" will carry out rich educational architectural practices, gathering excellent architects, designers, and artists with students and teachers to make the campus an experimental field for architecture, design, and education.

After the opening ceremony, the "Observing the City Plan" Exhibition was carried out simultaneously in the hall of the Administrative Center and the hall of the EAaD School. The Exhibition, divided into five units, namely "Growing Educational Buildings", "Breaking the Deadlock", "Cultural Tourism City of Higher Dimension", "Budding Power of the City", and "Beyond the Architecture", exhibited the miniature models of architectural designs in Xi 'an in recent years, models, manuscripts, and video materials of practical projects in Xi 'an in recent years by designers from Xi 'an institutions and independent architects and designers, as well as the architectural works of our university and the model works of students from the EAaD School. Guests visited the Exhibition after the opening ceremony.

A market moving in the campus was created in a free and fresh environment for participants to enjoy the  coexistence of nature and art. The "Camping Tour" Campus Market brought a party integrating multiple elements such as originality, design, music and photography. Teachers and students enjoyed themselves between various interesting booths, appreciating illustration, photography, books, and other creative cultural products, as well as designs, original handwork and clothing, and other kinds of artworks. Surprises also could accidentally be seen when they wandering around the campus market.

In addition, the Resonance Architecture Culture Week also launched the "Ambulant Architecture" Bauhaus Workshop, which was opened simultaneously on the afternoon of June 19th. Lu Xiao, Teacher of EAaD School and Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, led the students  perceive the daily state of  body and micro-influence  space acts on the action in the process of discussion and interaction. In the following sessions, participants will continue to explore and develop a physical workshop program.

Multi-level and multi-form cultural activities are staging in our university. This June, the Resonance Architecture Culture Week has witnessed the resonance between education and architecture on the level of action and concept. The "Observing the City Plan" Exhibition will be held in the hall of the Administrative Center and the hall of EAaD School until July 19th.



 (By: Brand Communication Department)

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