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huashang.com & all media report group of the 14th National Games of Xi'an Eurasia University set up a new mode of media industry university cooperation today

Under the background of financial media, what kind of National Games report content do users need? How much high-quality traffic can the National Games bring to Shaanxi and Xi'an in the growth period of new first tier cities? With such thinking, the most influential media in the region joined hands with colleges and universities to practice the application-oriented undergraduate education, which led to the establishment of the all media report group of the 14th National Games of Xi'an Eurasia University. On June 4, Beijing time, the signing ceremony was held at 207, design and media experimental center of our university.

As the organizer of the signing ceremony, the school of culture and media of our university is cooperating with a wider range of application and communication fields. Under the concept of "big communication" and "big publishing", the talent training plan is determined closely around the market demand and industry development, and the concept of "practical teaching of application communication" is adhered to. The goal is to cultivate application-oriented talents, with practical teaching as the feature, and based on serving local economic and cultural construction. Hao Chunyi, vice president of the college, said at the signing ceremony: "high quality content can enhance the influence of provinces and cities, and efficient communication can help build the brand of the event. As an application-oriented college serving local economic development, I am very happy to build a high-quality national games communication platform with huashang.com and daqinzhishui. In the following specific reporting work, the college will give the greatest support to the reporting group. We will take the lead of teachers with long-term experience in sports events reporting, and form a joint force in data visualization, text reporting, short video shooting and other aspects. "

Da Vinci once said: sport is the source of all life. In the context of news: practice is the source of all reports. For the media ecology, the talent cultivation of colleges and universities needs to rely on the real communication field to realize the transformation. Huashang.com is the leading brand in the media industry in Shaanxi Province. It has decades of experience in the media industry. It has strong public awareness and strong social influence in provincial and municipal governments and all sectors of society. Cai Ke, executive deputy general manager of huashang.com, pointed out when talking about the significance of this cooperation: "for the reporting of large-scale events, this school enterprise cooperation is a new and valuable attempt. Relying on the rich media platform of huashang.com, the teacher-student reporting group composed of teachers and students of Eurasia college can better display their talents and enrich all media products with their professional ability and reporting perspective. "

The establishment of this report group is inseparable from the strong support of Shaanxi water group. On April 16, 2020, the Chinese business sports channel jointly built by "water of the Qin Dynasty" and huashang.com was officially launched. As a strategic partner of Chinese sports, Shaanxi water group has made outstanding contributions to the development of Shaanxi sports industry. Mei Bing, deputy general manager of the company, stressed at the signing ceremony: "strong sports, strong China, prosperous national games, prosperous sports.". This year we welcome the 14th National Games and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The National Games is a comprehensive games with the highest specification, the largest scale, the highest competitive level and the strongest radiation and driving effect in China. For a city to host major national sports events, it needs to sow the seeds of sports in the hearts of the people. "

The successful signing ceremony marked the official launch of the all media report group featuring industry university cooperation. In the following series of activities, such as test competition, venue experience, character interview, etc., the "new media force" with young college students as the main body will construct a better National Games report content with more novel perspectives, more creative elements and more interesting expressions.





(from school of culture and media)