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Teacher-based, Balanced Development, Continuous Improvement — Xi'an Eurasian University Holds the 2021 Mid-year Work Meeting


Xi'an Eurasian University's 2021 Mid-year Work Meeting was held in the Students Activity Center on the morning of July 15. Lasting for half a day, this meeting was presided over by Vice President Li Zheng and participated by school leaders, middle management cadres, and major leaders from all schools. With the theme of "Implementing Strategic Talent Projects and Building a High-Quality Teaching Team", the meeting focused on the key works of the year, summarized the implementation of work in the past six months, and identified shortcomings; it also clarified work strategies and action plans for the second half of the year, and encouraged facultymembers to promote achieving of the annual targets.


Perseverance and continuous promotion of quality


(Photo 1) President Liu Jin delivers the mid-year report for 2021


In the report with the title of "Perseverance and Continuous Promotion of Quality", Professor Liu Jin, President of Xi'an Eurasian University, comprehensively reviewed the progress of the key works in the first half of 2021, systematically demonstrated the milestones and the work that needs to be accelerated, and indicated the improvement direction of the key works in the second half of the year.


Internationalization is the general direction of Xi'an Eurasian University's development. In order to accelerate the development of internationalization, Xi'an Eurasian University has redefined and reclassified the international projects, matched the relevant systems, and sorted out the workflow, laying a good foundation for the implementation of the "coffee model".


The "student-centered" application-oriented talents cultivation is a top priority of Xi'an Eurasian University. In 2006, Xi'an Eurasian University put forward the student-centered outlook on education quality, after 15 years of reform and innovation, the results of education and teaching have been gradually presented. In 2021, the construction of provincial-level first-class courses was effective, with a total of 13 courses approved, of which 4 courses were recommended by the Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government to declare national-level. Thus, Xi'an Eurasian University ranks second in the overall approval rate among its peers (including independent institutions). The work of improving student employment was successfully completed, with the average initial employment salary for the 2021 graduates improving by nearly RMB 1,000 over the same period last year. The construction of student learning support centers at the school and university levels provides diverse learning support for students. Xi'an Eurasian University also piloted the assignment of educational and academic affairs and promoted the collaborative education of communities, associations, and majors. Xi'an Eurasian University started the preparation of audit and evaluation and guided the schools and functional departments to welcome the evaluation and promote the construction.


Improving the capacity and output of scientific research and social services is one of the priorities of Xi'an Eurasian University during the 14th Five-Year Plan. In the first half of the year, there was a major breakthrough in the establishment of provincial projects in Xi'an Eurasian University, a 175% increase over the same period last year, and the annual target was completed ahead of schedule. At the same time, Xi'an Eurasian University continued to hold the "Love-driven" Academic Forum and "Academic Salons" to create a good academic atmosphere, share academic resources, and help young teachers and research teams improve their abilities.


A high-level talents team is a core element and an important resource for the strategic development of Xi'an Eurasian University. This year, Xi'an Eurasian University continued to increase investment in human resources, build an institutional environment for talent introduction, attracting a number of high-level talents from home and abroad. It has strengthened the role of policy incentives by improving the system and supported the diversified growth and development of teaching staff by means of special training and basic training. At the same time, Xi'an Eurasian University solidly promoted the construction of teacher ethics and teacher style, formulated long-term mechanism management measures for teachers' ethics construction, so as to promote the institutionalization, standardization, and normalization of teacher ethics and teacher style construction.


Xi'an Eurasian University proposed to lead the high-quality development of the university with brand and culture during the 14th Five-Year Plan. In the first half of the year, Xi'an Eurasian University held a number of events which are co-branded or cross-border, such as the strategic cooperation with Qujiang Bookstore, Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, local architecturalalliance and other cultural resources, as well as the release of the original graduation theme song "Flying Bird", which has made teachers and students feel the brand empowered by Xi’an Eurasia University. Through short videos, in-depth articles, column reportsand other forms, "College π, Faces of Eurasia, Eurasia Profession Zero Distance, Eurasia Classes" and other columns, Xi'an Eurasian University has deeply transferred its education and teaching concept. Xi'an Eurasian University has innovated promotion measures to empower enrollment, that is, shooting a video clip of "Funny Facts of Majors", and explaining the major in a way that is easy for parents and students to understand through animation production.


A digital transformation is an important tool for Xi'an Eurasian University to fully realize the transformation and upgrading of the educational philosophy. In the first half of the year, Xi'an Eurasian University's public data platform launched two data monitoring application functions, upgraded three management platforms, and continued to achieve informatization practice results. This is why Xi'an Eurasian University has maintained its leading position in the education informatization industry and laid the foundation for comprehensively promoting digital transformation.


In terms of internal management and services, Xi'an Eurasian University continued to improve its internal governance structure and optimize internal collaboration mechanisms. Xi'an Eurasian University has upgraded the committee system at the university and college levels to promote the improvement of the internal governance capacity of the second-level colleges, optimized the system of rules and regulations, and strengthened the cleaning of outdated and ineffective systems. Xi'an Eurasian University has fully implemented the stewardship model to effectively improve the learning and living experience of students and teachers at school.


At the same time, Xi'an Eurasian University took the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the development of Party history study and education as an opportunity to solidly promote Party building work and ideological and political work. Xi'an Eurasian University has implemented the opinions of the Ministry of Education and the Education Working Committee of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee on accelerating the construction of the ideological and political work system in colleges and universities and promoted the construction of the ideological and political work system with the characteristics of Xi’an Eurasia University. In the first half of the year, Xi'an Eurasian University held a mobilization and deployment conference on party history learning and education, carried out the party history study and education theme activity with the theme of "Party History Strengthens Beliefs - Light and Shadows Sharpen the Initial Heart", held a book exhibition on the theme of the centenary of the founding of the CPC, and the large-scale thematic pictures and calligraphy exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC with the theme of "Work with the Party and Walk with the Party", and other activities. In order to celebrate the centennial of the founding of the CPC, "I and My Motherland", sung by teachers and students of Xi'an Eurasian University, was reprinted by mainstream media such as the Weibo of the Central Committee of the Communist Young League and Shaanxi Daily, and the learning and performance of the Communist Manifesto (Drama) triggered a warm response.


Data-centered and continuous improvement


In this meeting, Assistant Presidents Zhang Lefang and Wang Xiaohua shared the topic titled "Analysis and Reflection on Education and Teaching Data" and "Think-Choose-Act — Analysis and Action Initiatives on the Current Human Resource Situation in 2021" respectively, in which they analyzed the data, identified problems, and proposed methods and strong measures to solve them.

(Photo 2) Assistant President Zhang Lefang shares on the topic of quality


Based on the own practice of Xi'an Eurasian University, focusing on the key indicators that are common concerns of the national data platform of higher education quality monitoring, audit and evaluation, and professional assessment, from the aspects of teachers' team, teaching reform and achievements, and cultivation effect, Zhang Lefang, Assistant President, looked for advantages and problems through the data and proposed improvement methods and powerful measures such as implementing permanent professional assessment, strengthening profession construction, cultivating high-level teaching achievement awards, enhancing students' learning effectiveness, improving students' employment rate and employment level, and establishing a mechanism for publishing permanent quality reports within the university, so as to continuously improve the quality of education and teaching in Xi'an Eurasian University and create educational teaching characteristics.

(Photo 3) Assistant President Wang Xiaohua shares on the topic of human resources


Focusing on key issues such as teacher team building, faculty development, and growth, Assistant President Wang Xiaohua made a comprehensive introduction of the current situation of human resources in Xi'an Eurasian University, built a human resources system through a study of external human resources management systems, and proposed initiatives such as completing talent project planning, upgrading organizational management systems, improving talent attraction and cultivation mechanisms, promoting the implementation of cultural concepts, and enhancing digital transformation services, which demonstrates Xi'an Eurasian University's useful exploration in human resources construction and confidence in solving problems.


Adhering to the path of reform and innovation for high-quality development

(Photo 4) Professor Hu Jianbo, Chairman of Xi'an Eurasia University, gives an in-depth interpretation of the strategic development plan of Xi'an Eurasian University for the 14th Five-Year Plan period


Professor Hu Jianbo, Chairman of Xi'an Eurasia University, gave an important report entitled "Strategic Goals, Key Tasks, and Current Work for the 14th Five-Year Plan Period" at the meeting. The report analyzed the achievements and shortcomings of Xi'an Eurasian University during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Combined with the new situation and changes, it interpreted the overall strategic objectives and key tasks during the 14th Five-Year Plan period through theoretical interpretation and analysis of development basis and environment and deployed the implementing guarantee. At the same time, the report puts forward several thoughts and improvement measures for the work of "student-centered" reform and transformation, application-oriented talents cultivation, faculty development, and the relationship between audit and evaluation and reform and development. Chairman Hu Jianbo pointed out that Xi'an Eurasian University should adhere to the path of reform and innovation for high-quality development. It is hoped that all units will take the audit and evaluation as an opportunity to find gaps and make up shortcomings, and integrate the preparation for the audit and evaluation with Xi'an Eurasian University's education and teaching reform deeply. It is necessary to solidify the experiences that the school has explored and formed in the process of education and teaching reform over the years into systems, processes and standards, and to put the "student-centered" concept and methods into the whole process of application-oriented talents cultivation. Xi'an Eurasia University will continue to improve the level of education and teaching of teachers, enhance students' engagement in learning and learning outcomes, improve the quality of learning and quality of life of students, and carry out the mission of "providing high-quality education services to students".

(Photo 5) Participants are listening attentively during the meeting


Since 2021 marks the first year for the "14th Five-Year Plan", in the face of the new changes and challenges in the internal and external environment, Xi'an Eurasia University will continue to adhere to the "Value-oriented Education Philosophy" and "Quality! Quality! Quality!" and other comprehensive strategies, respond appropriately to the value demands of multiple stakeholders, pay attention to the balance between short-term and long-term goals, focus on the six major priorities of "local internationalization, application-oriented talents cultivation, scientific research and social services, talent engineering, brand upgrading, and digital transformation", promote the implementation of the fundamental task of strengthening moral education and cultivating people, and improve the quality of education and talent cultivation. The meeting suggested that all units should pay attention to the progress of works in the first half of the year, timely spread the spirit of this meeting to the staff of their units, further improve the deployment and implementation of related work, and lay a solid foundation for the achievement of Xi'an Eurasia University's annual targets.

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