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Volunteers of Xi’an Eurasia University for the 14th National Games Officially On Duty

The 14th National Games of the People's Republic of China and the 11th National Games for Persons with Disabilities & the 8th National Special Olympics Games will be held in Shaanxi in September and October respectively. A total of 27 volunteers from Xi’an Eurasia University, including 26 students and 1 leading teacher, will take up their posts according to the original plan and be responsible for reception. They will go to 4 hotels for closed-off management and start work on September 1.

Since the recruitment of the 14th National Games Organizing Committee, volunteers have passed a written test and three interviews in the past year. After 10 hours of online training and hours of offline training, the total training duration is nearly 60 hours. Volunteers benefited a lot from volunteer service training, image training, emergency treatment, and first aid skills. Starting the quarantine since August 20, they finally went to the 14th National Games volunteer service position on behalf of Xi’an Eurasia University on September 1.

On August 28th, Xi’an Eurasia University issued acceptance letters, badges, work badges of the 14th National Games to them. On August 31, 27 volunteers took nucleic acid tests in order at Student Activity Center in our school. Volunteers wore masks throughout the process and strictly complied with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, so as to ensure the health and safety of the 14th National Games.

They set off from the east gate of the school at 11:30 on September 1st and will carry out volunteer activities in service positions, mainly responsible for arrival and departure reception, concierge reception.

The 14th National Games volunteers are nicknamed "Xiaoqinbao", of which "Qin" is the abbreviation of Shaanxi, and "Bao" means precious, kind, and affectionate. They will show Shaanxi people's honesty, kindness, perseverance, sincerity, and enthusiasm, and complete the volunteer work of the 14th National Games earnestly and responsibly. We also wish that "Xiaoqinbao" of Xi’an Eurasia University have a successful work and come back satisfactorily

List of volunteers

Yu Hangmei, Hu Jin, Liu Mingjie, Li Jiaming, Chen Hong, Chen Nan, Long Yifan, Gao Ruirui, Wang Xixi, Zhang Linkun, Shi Caixian, Yang Zhongrui, Luan Haotian, Zhang Yiman, Xu Liang, Zhang Yue, Hu Tianhao, Sun Shiqi, Yang Ruiling, Dong Hongyang, Jiang Fuli, Gao Chen, Ruan Lina, Yan Lihua, Yu Xinyang, Li Yulu, Zhi Tianhua, Wu Tong (listed in no particular order)




(Reported by Youth League Committee of Xi'an Eurasia University)