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Hello, My University! More than 5,600 freshmen of Class 2021 in Xi’an Eurasia University Complete Registration

Waving farewell with parents, they happily met with the university and got acquainted with new partners.

From August 28th to 29th, more than 5,600 freshmen of Class 2021 from 28 provinces in China have come to Xi’an Eurasia University for registration.

(Figure 1) 2021 Freshmen registration hall


Welcome! Your story with Xi’an Eurasia University begins here.

Even if you are unfamiliar with Xi’an Eurasia University, you don't need to worry about it. Volunteers all over the campus are busy early.

(Figure 2) Volunteers help freshmen carry their luggage


Volunteers greet you who are new to Xi'an at the railway station and subway station, shuttle around the campus to help you carry luggage, and guide you through the formalities and answer questions at the gymnasium, youth community, and secondary college check-in points. A greeting, a smiling face, and helping you all the way will make you feel the warmth of Xi’an Eurasia University.


The bright orange balloon printed with "Hello, freshmen" in front of the freshman registration hall of the gymnasium demonstrates youth, vitality, and expectations for the future.

(Figure 3) Volunteers on campus


At the scene, the International Orientation Week hosted by the International Cooperation and Exchange Center attracted many students to take photos. You can write a message in front of a huge world map. Your past, present, and future are not limited, and you can enjoy yourself freely.

(Figure 4) Green channel for admission


The university has also opened a "green channel" for students with financial difficulties to apply for tuition fee deferment, student loans, financial aid policy consultation, and other services, and the Financial Aid Management Center will carry out financial difficulty identification according to students' specific conditions and give financial aid through different measures such as national scholarships and work-study grants to ease your worries about your study and life.


After settling into your apartment, you will experience first-hand the unique culture and ethos of the various youth communities at their check-in points:

(Figure 5) Community check-in


These communities are all very different and unique, giving you ample opportunities to extend your interests beyond your studies, such as the Xdea Youth Community that focuses on imagination, the Ivy Youth Community that explores the growth, the elegant and romantic Queens'land Youth Community, the Confucius Youth Community that inherits the traditional culture, the Drucker Youth Community that cultivates management talents, the International Youth Community that promotes intercultural communication, and the Higher Vocational Education Youth Community that encourages active thinking. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to innovate and grow in the future. We believe in you!


Each secondary school has also prepared colorful and enriching activities for you to explore in your field of expertise.


After going through the necessary procedures for enrollment and information verification, you will take a group photo in front of the welcome wall, make a wish for your four years in college, and talk with your major teachers, academic advisors, and seniors about your study questions, and prepare in advance for the upcoming academic journey in Xi’an Eurasia University. In the next three or four years, we hope you can make fruitful outcomes in your major field and interests.

(Figure 6) New students interact with major teachers


On the afternoons of August 28 and 29, a number of international program presentations were held in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Library and the School of Higher Vocational Education, attracting the attention of many new students who have dreams of studying abroad. With professional academic guidance, detailed future planning, and the experience of localized international education, the Xi’an Eurasia University International Students Program will provide you with more international learning experiences.


There are a number of entrance education activities awaiting you in each of the secondary colleges and youth communities over the next week:

(Figure 7) Presentation of international projects


The School of Culture & Media has planned the back-to-school season activity themed "World and I", looking forward to working with the new students of Class of 2021 to observe the world from the perspective of culture, to face the future with the value of media, to help you establish a value link with the real world, and thus start the growth and transformation in the four years of college.


The 16 art design activities launched by the EAaD School at the beginning of the semester will be launched one after another, empowering your new college life with study gift bags. Campus activities related to design education are one of the most convenient ways to improve and enrich your design cognition.


The School of Humanity Education has started a "Growing Up Candy Bottle" program for freshmen. Many questions, such as those about exploring the school's teaching space, about professional awareness and career planning, and about the use of teaching software and instructions for taking credits will be answered during this week's entrance education activities.

(Figure 8) Freshmen and parents pose in front of the welcome wall


With the characteristics of school-enterprise cooperation in the School of Higher Vocational Education, you will have the opportunity to get in close contact with many enterprises and expand a diversified career development platform. You can also take advantage of the study tour program to experience an international curriculum, travel to different countries, gain exposure to a wider range of knowledge, and eventually go to overseas universities and colleges for higher education.


It was a good start when we met and your dreams are to be realized by yourself in the future. Set out now and begin your journey now, and you will develop and grow as you were meant to be.




(Brand Communication Department: Li Xiaofei/text, Student Media Center/photo)