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To Become a Confident Person — President Liu Jin Delivers a Speech at the Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2021


Dear students and teachers,


Good morning!


Today, we are here to hold a grand commencement ceremony for the Class of 2021, witnessing 5,657 new students joining Xi'an Eurasia University and starting a new chapter in their lives. First of all, on behalf of all the leaders and all teachers and students of Xi'an Eurasia University, I would like to extend our warmest welcome to all the new students.

Xi’an Eurasia University in early autumn boosts a colorful environment and pleasant climate as the autumn signifies a season of harvest. When you enter university, it means that you will gradually leave the care of your parents and learn to face your studies and lives independently. As the president of Xi’an Eurasia University, while congratulating you on the successful realization of your college dreams, I sincerely look forward to your transformation from students to good citizens and becoming better versions of yourselves during your three to four years at Xi’an Eurasia University.


"Student-centered" Xi’an Eurasia University


Chairman Hu Jianbo has said, "As an application-oriented university, we do not want to make knowledge standing high above the masses, but want it to be consistent with the inner feelings of students." "Familiar educational concepts such as caring for students, environmental education, aesthetic education, and transpositional consideration are not slogans hanging on the wall at Xi'an Eurasia University, but are reflected in the goals of school leaders and staff year after year, day after day." Xi'an Eurasia University has been trying for years to integrate the "student-centered" teaching paradigm into the educational DNA.

First, Xi'an Eurasia University continues to bring in teachers and build teams of outstanding teachers. As early as 2012, based on the strategic positioning of international development and cultivation of application-oriented talents, we put forward the "Rainbow Map" faculty development plan to build a high-level team of faculty. Especially in the past three years, Xi'an Eurasia University has increased the recruitment of high-level talents and outstanding teachers, introducing 4 academic deans and 353 teachers, among whom 33% are associate professors and high-level talents with Ph.D., 35% are application-oriented teachers from Global Fortune 500 or famous large enterprises such as Huawei and Dekker, and 21% are teachers from overseas colleges such as University of Sydney and Parsons School of Design in the United States. A number of internationally renowned scholars and artists have joined the management and teaching team of Xi’an Eurasia University, integrating international educational elements into teaching practice, expanding international perspectives, and enriching teaching connotations. More and more industry teachers from well-known enterprises have entered the classroom, bringing the most relevant industry cases into the classroom and achieving an effective combination of professional knowledge and industry practice.

(Photo) Live discussion of Public Sculpture Workshop at EAaD School


At the same time, in order to promote the implementation of the "student-centered" teaching paradigm, Xi’an Eurasia University has established the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) in cooperation with Duquesne University to continuously train highly qualified and skilled teachers. In recent years, CTE has trained more than 400 key teachers for Xi’an Eurasia University through workshops and project-based systems, who have introduced advanced teaching methods such as flipped classroom, project-based teaching, and interactive learning into Xi’an Eurasia University to stimulate students' interest in learning, focus on their learning outcomes and enhance their learning experience.


Second, Xi'an Eurasia University has explored a new teaching model integrating six elements of "professional famous teachers, interdisciplinary, real cases, simulation projects, cutting-edge lectures, and informatization", and reconstructed the curriculum system with Xi’an Eurasia University characteristics. We also advocate borderless learning. Through the powerful TronClass System, students can access information at any time and interact with teachers and students in real-time. We have comprehensively upgraded the digital intelligence classroom and introduced famous teachers outside the school into the classroom. Students can obtain global high-quality teaching resources and industry-leading information within Xi’an Eurasia University. At the same time, Xian Eurasia University has also established learning support centers at school and college levels to help students find personalized learning methods through APPLE training camps, rolling workshops, and real-life libraries. On this basis, Xi’an Eurasia University also set up bilingual courses, international study tours in winter and summer vacation, and summer camps to expand the students' international vision. I believe that the teaching mode of Xi'an Eurasia University, which can make learning happen everywhere, will bring students a different learning experience.

(Photo) The North District E Teaching Building to be completed in November 2020


In Xi'an Eurasia University, the "student-centered" teaching paradigm is not only reflected in education and teaching, but also in the continuous refinement of our educational and living space. With the completion of the South District Teaching Building and the successive renovation of the West District A/B Teaching Building and North District E Teaching Building, more and more students are enjoying the smart and efficient learning experience brought by the international education space. The functional facilities of the North District B/C Teaching Building and various laboratories are also being upgraded. We are also bringing real projects and scenarios from companies on campus through more industry-education integration projects to enhance the matching of educational spaces and disciplines so that students can experience a real workplace environment right on campus. Many students were impressed by the beauty and convenience of the campus environment when they first entered Xi’an Eurasia University, and the newly renovated Hongqiao Learning Center was a hit among many students. Every educational and teaching space in Xi’an Eurasia University is composite and can meet the multiple needs of students. In such a beautiful and intelligent campus, students' confidence in learning is gradually increasing and the beauty of education is revealed.


Outstanding Youth in Xi’an Eurasia University


Last month, we received good news from the Shaanxi Competition Area of the 7th China International College Students' "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition — Students and teachers from Xi’an Eurasia University won four gold medals in the competition, ranking first among similar universities. In fact, over the years, students from Xi’an Eurasia University have won numerous academic competitions and cultural and sports events in the country. They not only won the first prize in several national academic competitions such as the Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the University Student Market Research and Analysis Competition, the National College Digital Art & Design Awards, and the Global Management Challenge (GMC); they also achieved first and second place in cultural and sports events such as the National University Student Art Exhibition, the Golden Hedgehog University Students' Drama Festival, and the Shaanxi Competition Area of the Chinese University Basketball Association.

(Photo) "Xiaoqinbao" of Xi’an Eurasia University who volunteered for the 14th National Games


In July this year, Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, and other places have been severely affected by heavy rainfall. Lu Liangliang, a member of Drucker Youth Community, Liang Xinchi, a member of Xdea Youth Community, and other people went to the disaster area overnight and joined the rescue work. During the summer vacation, more than 320 students of Xi’an Eurasia University, participated in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic in their communities or internship units, provided what they could to help, and won the recognition and praise of the local government. Their actions reflect the responsibility and commitment of young people in Xi’an Eurasia University. Students of Xi’an Eurasia University also actively served the Xi'an International Marathon for five consecutive years, subway lines, the 14th National Games and the Paralympic Games, etc. More than 700 students are also involved in four voluntary clubs and a volunteer association, who would complete public service activities of teaching, caring for sick children, and accompanying retired elderly people, which demonstrates the temperature and love of young people in Xi’an Eurasia University.

In the past two years, 343 students from Xi’an Eurasia University received offers from prestigious universities such as the University of Manchester, University of the Arts London, and the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Queensland in Australia. Cheng Like, a student of the Class of 2017 studying in the UK, said, "During these years in Xi’an Eurasia University, I became more confident and cheerful than in high school, seeing a wider world and discovering more possibilities. Besides, I also see my own shortcomings and learn to reflect and think about my life. My biggest reward has been meeting so many wonderful and positive people who have had a huge impact on me."

Just like what Cheng Like has said, university life at Xi’an Eurasia University has made many students realize their infinite possibilities, and their self-confidence was born. If you, who are new to Xi’an Eurasia University, can start from now to clarify your learning goals, make good career plans and keep working hard for them, I believe you can also become excellent people and create your own excitement, just like them.


Face the Future with Confidence

Dear students, college life is one of the most beautiful experiences in your life. I expect that the "student-centered" teaching paradigm of Xi’an Eurasia University will enable you to become self-disciplined learners and happy people. I also expect you to meet each day at Xi’an Eurasia University more actively, to draw strength from it, to learn and practice in Xi’an Eurasia University, and to be yourself with ease and confidence. The international education and teaching philosophy, outstanding faculty, solid education, and teaching practices, and high-quality campus environment of Xi’an Eurasia University will help students learn to learn and live, think and cooperate, do and innovate, and create their own unique values in knowing themselves and understanding the society.

Self-confidence is a belief. What I'm trying to get across is that confidence is not imagination but requires a proactive attitude and positive action. We expect you to graduate from Xi’an Eurasia University as caring volunteers, practitioners of well-known companies, strugglers in self-employment, and learners of world-renowned universities, that are, people with strong personalities who are valuable and can contribute to others and society.




Finally, I would like to share a special quote for you who are new to Xi’an Eurasia University, which is the message that General Secretary Xi Jinping gave to the students during his visit to the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He said, "We should keep our feet on the ground to do the right things at the right time", "You young people living in this great age should strive for great goals! The future is yours!"

Thank you!