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[Commencement Ceremony] Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2021 Held!

A month ago, 5,657 new students stepped into the campus of Xi’an Eurasia University and started their fresh and expectant journey to the university.


With the university flag flying over their heads, students wearing the shiny school badge, are participating in the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2021 of Xi’an Eurasia University.

On September 30, at the stadium of Xi'an Eurasia University, after the commencement ceremony, the students of the Class of 2021 will officially usher in their college life of more than 1300 days.


This year, these students will enter a busy period of study right after their registration. During the new students welcoming education week, in the self-opening freshman experience camp, teachers took you to know about PBL project-based learning. Through campus directional visits, you can quickly get familiar with the architectural environment of Xi’an Eurasia University in interesting game activities. The rich activities carried out by youth communities and secondary colleges such as IvyTed, speech contests, reading clubs, and master lectures have expanded the students' professional vision and activated the second classroom.

During the first month of university, students can experience the international campus environment and participate in learning activities with substance and taste. He Liu, a student of preschool education in the School of Humanity Education from Zhejiang, was amazed by the beauty and care of Xi’an Eurasia University like many other students. "I love sitting by the window in the South Living Room reading a book or completing homework with my classmates at the Hongqiao Learning Center. I like the art-filled patio at the North District E Teaching Building and the melodious sound of the piano coming out of the Piano Island every day. I've met students from different areas, met housemates studying different majors, and gradually got clear on what I want to work on." He Liu spoke on behalf of all the new students at the commencement ceremony, detailing her personal experience at Xi’an Eurasia University.

"I need to take every class seriously and finish with flying colors; join at least one club and make friends with like-minded people; participate in some high-profile competitions and compete with the best from other universities; broaden my horizons by exchanging with renowned teachers from internationally renowned universities and mentors from top companies." She has set these small goals for herself in her mind and looks forward to working with all the new students to continue to develop their potential through their studies at Xi’an Eurasia University and to grow into a better version of themselves by the time they graduate.


In Xi’an Eurasia University, all students will be exposed to a compulsory course "Writing and Expression", which will help you to build the ability to think clearly, write effectively and express yourself efficiently. "Good at thinking, writing, and communication" is the teaching goal of this course, which is also the general literacy that Xi’an Eurasia University hopes all the students to acquire.


Ms. Lu Zhuoyuan of the School of General Education is the leader of the Writing and Expression course. For her, Writing and Expression is not just a course, it means a choice after an inner search, persistence, and pursuit. A girl, who has graduated many years ago and became a mother, asked Mr. Lu Zhuoyuan to help her find a student at Xi’an Eurasia University who has a poor family and good character. She is willing to anonymously sponsor some money every month in remembrance of the student loan policy when she studied at Xi’an Eurasia University and the kindness of the teachers. A boy who won the first prize in the Xi’an Eurasia University General Education Course Paper Competition was happy to have a hug with Ms. Lu and congratulate himself on his learning gains. Many other former students wrote messages recalling the values conveyed by Ms. Lu in her classes in a subtle way, which constantly led to their growth and influenced them throughout their lives. The teachers' dedication to exploration and innovation in their teaching path is naturally reflected in the students from one class to the next.


Lu Zhuoyuan couldn't help but choke up as she fondly recounted these stories with her students during the commencement ceremony. "I see at this moment that your eyes are shining with inquisitiveness, that you may already have a clear plan for the future, and I believe that every teacher you meet during your four years at Xi’an Eurasia University is willing to grow with you." She said to the students of the Class of 2021, "In the future, you will encounter difficulties after graduation, you will also be confused and uncertain, and you may even think of giving up. But, the perseverance you have imbibed in Xi’an Eurasia University, the character of fearlessness and perseverance will become a lifelong treasure, which will not only help you get through one difficulty after another but also let you see where your heart is longing for."

College life is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. In this journey of growth, "confidently facing the future" is the expectation of Professor Liu Jin, President of Xi'an Eurasia University, for the students of the Class of 2021.


"I expect that the student-centered teaching paradigm of Xi’an Eurasia University will enable you to become self-disciplined learners and happy people. I also expect you to meet each day at Xi’an Eurasia University more actively, to draw strength from it, to learn and practice in Xi’an Eurasia University, and to be yourself with ease and confidence. The international education and teaching philosophy, outstanding faculty, solid education, and teaching practices, and high-quality campus environment of Xi’an Eurasia University will help students learn to learn and live, think and cooperate, do and innovate, and create their own unique values in knowing themselves and understanding the society."

The "student-centered" teaching paradigm has been integrated into the educational DNA of Xi'an Eurasia University. Xi'an Eurasia University continues to bring in teachers and build teams of outstanding teachers. A number of internationally renowned scholars and artists have joined the management and teaching team of Xi’an Eurasia University, integrating international educational elements into teaching practice, expanding international perspectives, and enriching teaching connotations. More and more industry teachers from renowned companies are coming into the classroom to bring the most relevant cases from the industry into the classroom to achieve an effective combination of professional knowledge and industry practice. Advanced teaching methods such as flipped classroom, project-based teaching, and interactive learning, diversified learning support such as TronClass system, digital intelligence classroom, learning support center, bilingual courses, summer and winter study tours, career planning guidance, all stimulate students' interest in learning and enhance the learning experience and learning effectiveness. The continuous renovation and upgrading of the educational and living space and more industry-education integration programs also meet the diverse needs of students.


Students who have achieved excellent results in various national academic and sports competitions, young students who are enthusiastic in various relief and public service actions, as well as students who are studying around the world after graduation from Xi’an Eurasia University, have improved their professional skills, met a lot of positive people, seen a wider world, realized their infinite possibilities, and gained self-confidence during their studies.

"We expect our students to graduate from Xi’an Eurasia University as caring volunteers, practitioners of well-known companies, strugglers in self-employment, and learners of world-renowned universities, that are, people with strong personalities who are valuable and can contribute to others and society." Liu Jin hopes that from now on, everyone will clarify their learning goals, make a good career plan, and keep working hard for it to create their own excitement.


The harmonious but different university trip of the new students of Class of 2021 begins. You will usher a brighter future.


When you graduate in four years, please remember to check the letter you sent to your future self.


(Brand Communication Department: Li Xiaofei/Reported by M&E Studio/Photographed by 35mm Video Studio, New Media Association/Video)