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The 26th Anniversary of Xi'an Eurasia University | Professor Hu Jianbo: Believing is Empowering

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of Xi'an Eurasia University, Professor Hu Jianbo answered questions during an interview made by the reporter of the Brand Communication Department of the university. Click here to watch the interview:


Believing is Empowering

An outline of the university's history also reflects our faith.


This year marks the 26th anniversary of the university. Looking back, the university's present achievements should owe to the vision at the very beginning of its past 26 years: to build a century-old renowned university that is student-centered and aims to serve as a new cultural landscape in Xi'an. Therefore, the university's present look is derived from the vision and mission we had settled.


We have solid faith in our vision and mission, which has been supporting us step by step on a journey of improving Xi'an Eurasia University to what it is today.

Certainly, the university embraces new faculty, staffs and students every year, so we'd love to convey the vision of "Believing is Empowering " to all our new members:

Let's trust Xi'an Eurasia University for its various attempts made for educational reforms;

Let’s believe that the "student-centered" idea and pattern are anything but empty talks;

Let’s have faith in students' active exploration and learning, which is much more significant than one-way teaching;

Let’s believe that the university-industry cooperation activities organized by the university can yield fruitful results;

Let’s hope that the clubs on campus can help students improve themselves;

Let's highlight the significance of career planning for students' future development.


That's why we've set "Believing is Empowering" as this year's theme slogan.


"2021: Year of Strong Faculty Team"

Offer teacher-based education that meets students' needs


It has been about 15 years since the university has implemented its student-centered education strategy. Still, more emphasis should be put on the cultivation of the faculty team. A Chinese entrepreneur put forward that “Customers first, employees second, and shareholders third”. Xi'an Eurasia University shoulders the mission of "winning students' satisfaction, employees' loyalty, peer's respect, social recognition, and the government's trust". Particularly, we put students before our staff.


But recently, I read many books related to educational theory. As Professor Yuan Zhenguo pointed out, we should put our faculty and staff first instead of students, who are not closely linked to a university president's routine work. In one's three or four years in the university, he/she will surely be influenced by the teachers. Therefore, to truly satisfy the students' needs, we need to attach great importance to our faculty and staff team: that is, to support their personal development; to guarantee their wages and benefits; and to emphasize their improvements in teaching.


Therefore, we advocate this year's work theme as "Year of Strong Faculty Team". Following that, our previous phrase might be slightly adjusted by putting the faculty and staffs before students.

The 14th Five-Year Plan of Xi'an Eurasia University

Two Goals and Six Missions


For Xi'an Eurasia University's 14th Five-Year Plan, we have two proposals: first is to form a particular mode for education, management and service that can be copied by other institutes in these five years; second is to fulfill the following six missions required by the 14th Five-Year Plan:

1.Making improvements in globalization by building a localized international university;

2.Improving the cultivation quality of application-oriented talents in an all-round way;

3.Encouraging balanced development of students with various research and social service activities;

4.Facilitating talent programs;

5.Promoting brand and culture construction;

6.Improving digital transformation.

I believe that with our constant efforts for the long term, we'll finally see brilliant achievements. Thank you!

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