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Student management mode distinguished from traditional universities--Youth Community of Eurasia

As a crucial part of the university's talent cultivating plan, the youth community is always serving the students for their growth and development to fulfill its student-oriented doctrine. The community offers the students with one-stop convenient services and considerate life guidance to comprehensively improve the campus living experience; positively guides the students and teams to participate in high-quality campus culture activities and forges a heritable, harmonious but different community culture in order to improve the frequency of cultural activities in the community and students' participation experience; gives full play to the educational function of students' affairs, in collaboration with categorized majors to offer the students more accurate learning attention, thus invigorating their passion for learning; provides the curricula of basic quality, practical courses and experimental activities to improve students' learning enthusiasm... In the youth community, students have the right to choose their own eligible community according to their interests, needs and expectations so that their common interests will be "polymerized" into "chemical reactions".

1. Xdea Youth Community

This community is a youth community matching the school's educational paths for new engineering and innovative talent; the capital letter "X" refers to the unknown and infinite possibilities while the word "idea" represents views, thoughts and creative ideas. Here, all your imagination and ideas will surely be respected, and we are expecting different thoughts to sparkle--by participating in the Innovative Design Workshop, Entrepreneurship Spark Festival and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, you can fulfill your dreams with enough support, thus cultivating your potential and courage of exploring the unknown world.

2. Queens’ Land Youth Community

This community aims at facilitating girl students' self-identification and their courage to pursue a real self rather than a perfect one by centering on female leadership based on their feminine traits. Such cohesion-enhancing activities and quality experiential courses as "To Be a Queen" and "Power of Reading" have been launched to fully explore the potential of female students, actively promote the culture of mutual support and comprehensively establish a platform for professional communication, so as to help students realize better self-development in their future jobs and families.

3. Jobs Youth Community

Centering on the cultivation of students' capabilities in self-management and career planning, Jobs Youth Community is established with a system of career planning and job counseling guidance platforms to enhance students' employability and improve salaries for their first jobs. As a transition space for college students before they enter the job market, it offers exclusive custom-made employment analysis and guidance in accordance with students' career requirements and career planning goals to help with their identity conversion from students to employees smoothly.

4. Confucius Youth Community

Upholding the philosophy of cultivating people with morality, Confucius Youth Community is devoted to instilling the spirit of humanism. It makes full efforts to create a growth experiential atmosphere for lovers of the studies of Chinese ancient civilization and improve their cultural qualities in courtesy and modesty through serial activities and experiential courses in tea ceremony, flower arrangements, Han-style clothing and lectures of the studies of Chinese ancient civilization. With all its inclusive power, Confucius Youth Community will provide opportunities and stages for those who aspire to showcase their cultural profundity and seek like-minded friends.

5. Ivy Youth Community

As a brand new community for all excellent students on the campus, Ivy Youth Community aims to enhance learning involvement by gathering various model students and provide an all-dimensional personal development package for students, so as to facilitate their continuous growth and cultivate eminent lifetime learners. It offers an exclusive learning space, various learning communities, custom-made mentor guidance and quality lectures by big shots inside and outside the university...Whether you are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination or civil service examination or just want to be a model student, you can find your niche here.

6. Drucker Youth Community

Drucker Youth Community is established to implement the management philosophy of Peter F. Drucker, father of modern management. Based on the systemic goal for the cultivation of business talent in Xi'an Eurasia University, Drucker Youth Community makes all efforts to create an experiential atmosphere for the development of management qualities by designing and carrying out a series of training plans intended to enhance young college students' self-awareness and management capability. Apart from such activities as unique community meetings, Drucker mentor afternoon tea, business simulation and pyramid training camp, it will invite big shots in the industries and enterprise mentors to share insights in the World Café conversations for you to build up knowledge and strength before entering the job market.

7. International Youth Community

International Youth Community is a diversified aggregation community dedicated to broadening the international horizons and enhancing the qualities and capabilities of on-campus college students, with the students preparing for overseas studies or having an interest in languages as the main body. It is the vision of the International Youth Community to enable every student to experience the immersed all-English-speaking living and studying scenarios. Based on the international learning philosophy and environment and centering on the international development for students, we design and carry out a series of activities including English Salon and Model UN Workshop as well as an interesting costume party to enhance learners' experience of studies and growth, which will all help you make full preparations for your future adventures to "see the world".

8. Vocational Youth Community

Composed of students at the School of Higher Vocational Education, Vocational Youth Community upholds the core values of "Openness, Cooperation, Innovation and Excellence" and cultivates the professional aplomb and qualities of vocational students. Centering on students, it provides service for fundamental affairs, campus-life guidance in accordance with students' characteristics and a career development platform to cultivate students' interests and skills. It establishes professional associations and carries out interest association activities to complement the cultivation of vocational skills of students at all majors in the School of Higher Vocational Education and ensure students realize diversified development, establish confidence and inspire learning interests from an international perspective.

According to the needs for the university's strategic development, in order to further promote the institutional reform of the university's functional departments, it is decided on the president's office meeting to adjust the institutional setting of the Finance Department and set up the Strategic Finance Center, Business Finance Center and Shared Finance Center.