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Campus Development

A number of buildings, such as the library, the student living room, the teaching building in the south district and Piano Island, are designed by famous architects at home and abroad. They not only cater to the needs of teachers and students for study and living, but also enhance the aesthetic and artistic taste of Eurasia.

About "Green Campus"


In 2014, Eurasia put forward the "Green Campus" plan, aiming to build itself into a model of regional green campuses and the promoter of a green city in 5-10 years. To ensure the smooth implementation of the plan, Eurasia received 10-year financial support of RMB 227.5 million from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) after due diligence, with the support of school leaders and the joint efforts of the Finance Department, Infrastructure Department, Logistics Group and other departments since September 2015.

About "Smart Campus"


Based on the actual situation of informatization, Eurasia has finalized the Plan for Information-based Development of Xi'an Eurasia University (2016-2020). Combined with the current trend of information-based development of education, it takes the construction of a "smart campus" as the strategic goal of informatization from the perspectives of informatization serving teaching and learning, learning and knowledge-based organizations, excellent operations and management, smart environment, and industry-university-research integration, thus further enhancing the overall informatization of the university and better serving teachers and students.


 In Eurasia's Smart Campus, cloud computing, big data, the IoT and the mobile Internet are used to form a smart space in the ubiquitous campus network, based on intelligent access and sensors. It makes all persons and physical objects in the organization exist and connected as data through "digital" and "smart" means. On the basis of addressing the application needs, and combining the current situation of informatization in the university, Eurasia is devoted to business development through continuous innovation, so as to provide comprehensive smart services for the teaching, operations and management, and industry-university-research integration in the university, improve the level of teaching management and the information-based experience of teachers and students, and increase the efficiency of space resource management and utilization.