The Department of Academic Affairs is a functional department in charge of the university's teaching work under the direct leadership of the vice-president responsible for academic affairs. It mainly holds responsibilities for teaching research, daily implementation of teaching, management of student status examination and management of teaching resources. It administers the following four centers.

(I) Teaching Research Development Center

1. University majors planning, management of major setting and adjustment and research, demonstration and report of newly established majors;

2. Formulating principled opinions for the talent training plan and organizing and supervising the formulation of the talent training plan;

3. Organizing and carrying out the university curriculum building work;

4. Application, project initiation, inspection, acceptance and other management work for the national and provincial undergraduate education engineering (quality engineering) and teaching research and reform projects;

5. Organizing and carrying out teaching research work, promoting the implementation of education and teaching reform projects, holding education and teaching seminars and various forms of teaching research and reform experience exchange activities;

6. Construction of teaching quality standards of the university.

(II) Teaching Affairs Operation Center

1. Implementation of the whole university's teaching tasks, the inspection of teaching order, quality analysis and information feedback;

2. Allocation and scheduling of teaching sites;

3. Examination and approval, check and calculation of full-time and part-time teachers' teaching workload, teachers' performance evaluation and part-time teacher management;

4. Practical teaching management;

5. Preparation and management of teaching materials.

(III) Registration & Examination Center

1. Establishing, maintaining and managing student status information files;

2. Student performance management, student status registration, student status affairs examination, graduate qualification examination, qualification examination for degree-granting, academic qualifications, formal schooling and degree registration, as well as the filing on record for the issuance of academic certificates, diplomas and minor program certificates;

3. Organizing and arranging various kinds of examinations and maintaining and managing examination files and materials;

4. Organizing and carrying out the daily affairs of the Academic Degrees Committee.

(IV) Teaching Resource Information Center

1. Effectively collecting and making analysis of basic information of teaching resources and providing basic data support for teaching management decisions;

2. Making business planning for teaching informatization, providing optimization schemes of teaching information resources and business processes for teaching reforms and promoting the application of teaching informatization;

3. Carrying out research on talent training and resource matching and organizing evaluation of the application effects of teaching informatization;

4. Supporting the planning, construction and functional transformation of the whole university's teaching sites; providing facilities and equipment allocation requirements and resource optimization schemes, establishing a feedback mechanism for resource application evaluation and providing technical support for teaching equipment;

5. Providing multimedia technical service guarantee for the university's teaching activities and meetings and arranging training and offering guidance on the use of multimedia equipment for various departments;

6. Managing the university's public computer rooms, phonetic classrooms and multimedia classrooms.