Upholding the mission of being a "strategic partner, administrative expert and leadership assistant" and sticking to the philosophy of being "devoted and professional," the University Office fulfills the duty of "service, coordination, supervision and contact", introduces modern business ideas and models and promotes administrative support services and business innovation to streamline routine work and realize indicator-based management of key work. It makes efforts to build a capable and efficient professional office team.

The four centers under the University Office:

(I) Performance Center It mainly holds responsibilities for preparing the annual strategic theme and job outline for the university; organizing the university and all second-level units to make the annual performance and work plans, implementing supervision, summarization and evaluation; regularly organizing and holding the president's office meeting and supervising the implementation of the resolutions of meetings.

(II) Service Center It mainly holds responsibilities for formulating the systems, standards and procedures related to reception service, specifically coordinating and organizing university-level visits, studies and inspections and arranging itineraries and related services for university leaders; coordinating university resources and the utilization of resources for various large-scale activities in the university; handling complaint calls, e-mails and online messages and receiving petitions and visits; formulating and supervising the implementation of the university watch system.

(III) Administrative Center It mainly holds responsibilities for collecting, sorting and gathering the annual construction plans of different departments and making regular inspection, checking and evaluation of their implementation; drafting and issuing university-level red-head documents and receiving, supervising and handling the files, calls and faxes from related upper units; drafting special reports and leaders' speeches; compiling chronicles of events, records and yearbooks of the university; and making daily management of the university seals and coordination and management of the legal counseling team.

(IV) Archives Center It mainly holds responsibilities for organizing the professional training for the full-time and part-time archivists in the university, collecting (soliciting), sorting, classifying, appraising, keeping and making statistics of various archives and relevant profiles and organizing the informatization construction of archives and the filing of electronic documents; filling in the Basic Statistics Report of Higher Education to provide statistical data for all units; managing the university-running qualification certificates.