According to the institutional reform and strategic planning of the school, the management decided to divide the Publicity Department into three subordinate departments: "Cultural and Creative Center", "Brand Management Center", and "Marketing Promotion Center", so as to improve the school's brand management function and enhance the brand promotion ability and effect.

I. Responsibilities of Cultural and Creative Center

1. Responsible for the design of the school's campus environment and soft decoration;

2. Responsible for the school's cultural offerings;

3. Responsible for school graphic and advertising design, including the design of school events and conferences, as well as the design and production of related promotional materials;

4. Responsible for CI management and improvement;

5. Responsible for writing daily routine copy.

II. Responsibilities of Brand Management Center

1. Responsible for the research and evaluation of the school's brand strategy, promoting the plan and organizing its implementation;

2. Responsible for the supervision of branch branding;

3. Responsible for the planning and development of the school culture;

4. Lead the planning of large school meetings and events, and direct the process, arrangement and atmosphere of other meetings and events.

III. Responsibilities of Marketing Promotion Center

1. Responsible for external media environment monitoring and analysis, establishing, maintaining, and managing media relations;

2. Responsible for developing media placement plans and managing the expenses of media placement;

3. Responsible for monitoring public opinion on the school network and crisis communications, establishing and maintaining online media relations;

4. Responsible for campus media content management.