As an undergraduate university advocating application-oriented education

since its establishment, Xi'an Eurasia University has been following a path different from traditional colleges and universities, insisting on being the leader and pioneer of educational reform and innovation.

We know better the individual characteristics of students, with the foresight to grasp the demand for talent in modern society while imparting knowledge and skills, providing useful education and cultivating the international vision.

We focus on students' expression and thinking abilities, diversified interests and adaptability to diversified cultures, as well as their lifelong vocational skills. We advocate that faculty members should take students' progress and goals as their top concern. Cooperating with these open-minded and accomplished teachers, you will also succeed in and out of school.

A university is not merely a place for study and degrees; the days you spend there will make the best experience in your life. The first-class campus, library and cultural and sports facilities of Xi'an Eurasia University have made every student here proud. In such an atmosphere, like-minded schoolmates are more willing to share your interests and dreams. What is most valuable is that you will learn to work as a team, evaluate yourself and others properly, and get encouragement and help from others.

There are two interrelated objectives in Eurasia's campus culture: students' success in and out of the university. You will undergo the transformation from a student to a learner in the university. When you finish your studies here, you will change from a person caring about self-development to a person with distinctive characteristics and important value to others and society, and gradually take on an important role in modern society. Many graduates of Eurasia have achieved great success because they have been well trained and are determined.

Xi'an Eurasia University is a special place, which is full of the innovative and useful modern spirit. If you are considering applying for Xi'an Eurasia University, maybe you also have this precious modern spirit.

We are looking forward to your joining us, to refill us and the world with this spirit.

I sincerely hope that you can become one of us.