The renovation project of the North E Teaching Building is located on the west side of the joint teaching building in the north district of Xi'an Eurasia University, with a total floor area of 9,751㎡. This framing building has 6 floors with a semi-basement. Founded in 2001, the building has been used for nearly 20 years, which makes it unable to match the current development of Eurasia and the School ...

    North Block E
    The interior space of the Design and Media Experimental Center is arranged to function mainly for studios and display use. There is the Modeling Workshop, Digital Output Center, Interdisciplinary Joint Office, Education Center for New Materials and Innovative Design, Immersive Interaction Lab and Digital Image Workshop of EAaD School. The Interaction and Cultural Creativity Center, Network New Media ...

    Design and Media Experimental Center
    ​The library of Xi’an Eurasia University is a standing council unit of Shaanxi Information Committee. The library, designed by Mr. Guan Zhaoye, professor of Tsinghua University, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, was founded in 1997 and was rated the Only Landmark Building of universities in Shaanxi province in 2003 with its advancing design concept and unique construction style. The library occupies an area of 15699.5 square meters and holds 3500 seats.

    When constructing the 2nd building in 1999, the number of the students enrolled expanded from the original 3,000 people to 4,000 people, so the 2nd teaching building designed the slope modelling, accounting for both the area and the cost, to cope with the sudden change of number of students. Today, the teaching environment in the building has been transformed into a clean, modern and free space.

    West C Building
    This is the latest building in 2015, and the address had been selected six times. Today, it is on a grassy land. With 6 groups of movable containers as the main body, the façade is made of glass, a total of 58 rooms. The people and the buildings are warm and bright in sunny days, and everything around them seemed so harmonious. This is not just the piano room, but it also is expanded into training, humanities and arts exchange.

    Piano Island
    Opened in 2013, it was designed as a sunken building in order not to block the scenery behind it. Here is where the student organize activities; the physique training room, the multifunctional rehearsal hall, the vocal music training room, the drama rehearsal room are all here, the public area and the meeting room is used to hold exhibitions, salons, lectures and so on. State-of-the-art event facilities, complete audio and other equipment, warm-coloured walls and lighting, make people feel artistic.

    Students Activity Center
    Xi ' an Eurasia University student living room is designed by the famous architectural designer Liang Jingyu, phase 1 was completed in September 2015. Built between the old male dormitory building, it was designed through the corridor, the hall, etc. forming two 1500㎡ rooms the style of hotel lobby. It was designed with more than 20 different functional spaces, such as learning center, service center, gym, yoga room, laundry room, bathroom, convenience store, psychological counseling room, emotional vent room, meeting the needs of students in various aspects of learning life. At the beginning of the design, the student living room took into account energy-saving and environmental protection; red brick, water concrete masonry space, the introduction of natural light lighting corridor, the use of water system watering green plants, flushing toilets ..

    Living Room Project
    The new teaching building is located at the west side of the new administrative center, forming the core public space of Eurasia with the joint teaching building on the north side and foiling the central position of the library. The façade is decorated with red brick and white paint, complemented by gray brick and glass, forming an architectural style with three-dimensional structure. In terms of space,...

    South abcd Building(new teaching building)
  1. In November 2000, the design of the joint teaching building and the land acquisition of the school were carried out at the same time. About February and March 2001, the construction began. Although the design of the joint teaching building was completed at one time, due to the shortage of funds, only No. 4 and No. 5 teaching buildings were built after all the foundations were excavated.In 2004, the ...

    North abcde building (former 4-8 conjoined teaching building)