Xi’an Eurasia University is an international application-oriented university, which has been approved by the ministry of education. It mainly focuses on the majors such as management, economy, art, literature, education and engineering.

We understand the personalized characteristics of students and the newest changes in the market economy today, and we are looking forward to the needs of the modern society for talents. We are committed to cultivating unique graduates with professional skills, lifelong learning ability and critical thinking to cope with the global work environment.

Since its establishment, Xi’an Eurasia University has always adhered to the goal of providing high-quality education services to students. In recent 25years, it has achieved continuous development and good social reputation. At present, a total of more than 20000 students can choose their majors freely from a range of around 63 major courses among the school of Accounting, Logistics and Commerce, Finance, Leisure Management, Cultural Medium, Humanity Education, EAAD School of Art and Design, Information Engineering, Human Settlements and Civil Engineering, and the School of Higher Vocational Education in 11 secondary colleges.

According to the ranking of “Chinese financial and economic private universities” from Chinese Alumni network, Xi’an Eurasia University has won the first place in seven consecutive years. It has been one of the top financial and economic private universities in mainland China.

Through learning something useful, I do something usefully.

Devoted to cultivating the most outstanding graduates.

The Pioneer of Business Education

As the pioneer of the local business studies focused application-oriented university, our university, with its advanced educational mind, takes business as the carrier and has changed the traditional business knowledge structure, teaching environment, teaching method, teaching contents, and examination approaches.

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    For the business studies at Xi’an Eurasia University, there are no barriers between any market-related economy and management courses. It’s a complex business education affiliated to the needs of the market economy.

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    In the information age, the business studies at Xi’an Eurasia University adhere to the law of commercial civilization and adopt new e-commerce, new finance, new logistics and other means to cater to its education.

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    The business education at Xi’an Eurasia University focuses on social development, the future, and the development of lifelong learners with self-value concepts.

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    Followed by students’ cognitive rules, its business studies explore the new paradigms of teaching and learning. In pursuit of the new realm of education, Xi’an Eurasia University pays attention to cultivating students' critical thinking, expressing and thinking ability, life-long learning ability in the field of business studies, as to meet the needs of both industrial and rapid social development.

  • The only trial site of national education ...

    In October 2010, the General Office of the State Council issued the notice of “the trial site of national education system reform” (Document of State Council [2010] no. 48). After that, Xi’an Eurasia University has been determined as the trial site of private university, as well as the only one private university listed into the project of the reform of national education system in Shaanxi province.

  • The only one national trial site of privat...

    Xi’an Eurasia University has been approved as the undergraduate colleges’ and universities’ trial site of the national education informatization. More than 70 universities in the country were selected, including Tsinghua, Peking and Fudan Universities and some other 985 Project Universities. Our school is the only nationally approved private university in Shaanxi province. There are only two universities approved in Shaanxi province.

The "student-centered" teaching paradigm guides students to study actively.

"Internet +" has changed the ecology of education, since education is greatly weakened by time, space, language culture and age limit. As a result, lifelong learning has become the norm. Therefore, we are committed to improving teaching and students' learning ability. We cooperate with the Duquesne University to establish "Distinguished Teaching Center" (CTE: Center for Teaching Excellence) project to support and improve school’s teaching and learning, helping teachers to change the classroom teaching method and enhance the level of classroom teaching. At the same time, we also introduce flipped classroom teaching method, by adjusting the inside and outside class time. We transfer the learning decisions from teachers to students to make the students more focused on active learning. To keep up with the information age, Xi’an Eurasia University has cooperated with the famous education ...

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Besides hiring some famous professors and scholars, we also hire some experienced teachers who have overseas academic background and other leaders active in all walks of life. The diverse thinking pattern and the international information they brought help broaden students’ horizon. We emphasize to minimize teachers' authority, and to maximize students' interests and aspirations. During class, students’ dignity, vitality, self-management and teamwork will be carried out. In the youth community, we help students improve their basic literacy and maximize their personal strengths and potential. We have more than 80 associations and student voluntary organizations, all of which are dominated by students, involving many fields such as art, literature, sports and social practice. In particular, Xi’an Eurasia University establishes the "Wednesday Activity Day" for students. On this day...

Cooperate with world-renowned universities and enterprises to expand students' international horizons.

In a globalized working environment, it is essential for everyone to pursue international vision and international level of professional competitiveness. A range of secondary schools at Xi’an Eurasia University have introduced advanced teaching methods and international teaching resources. By cooperating with some famous international well-known colleges and universities from the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Singapore and Malaysia in student exchange, culture communication and school running, students could be fully enrolled into this international atmosphere. At Xi’an Eurasia University, many students can communicate well in English, French and other foreign languages, and some students have obtained the opportunity to go abroad through application for further study, exchange, and paid internship.

Ongoing Programs

  • Duquesne University & University of Eurasia “Center for Teaching Excellence” project.
  • School of journalism, university of Missouri 2 2.
  • Faculty exchange and student exchange program of French Le Havre National College of Academy of Fine Arts.
  • Intercollegiate exchange, student exchange, teacher exchange, cooperative education, scientific research cooperation project at
  • Cooperative education program at the University of poitiers, France.
  • The PARK university MBA program.
  • Cooperation program at the United States Sijing Mu Gang College.
  • University of Wisconsin 2 2 cooperative program.
  • New Mexico university exchange program.
  • Australia south cross university course cooperation project.
  • The university of Curtin, Australia, cooperative and academic exchange program.
  • Australia Fxplus Trading education group in Course development and Academic Projects.
  • University of Western Sydney exchange program.
  • Exchange and cooperation project of Canadian bloomer College.
  • The London chamber of commerce and industry examinations Board cooperation program.
  • University of Cardiff city university intercollegiate exchange, student exchange, teacher exchange, cooperative education progra
  • Academic exchange program of Malaysia university of science and technology.
  • Taylor’s University, “undergraduate to graduate” program.
  • The exchange and cooperation project of Sangmyung University.
  • Singapore global education center exchange program.
  • Singapore Chartered Institute of Science and Technology exchange and cooperation project.

International ecological campus environment.

"Other universities build parks on the campus, Xi’an Eurasia University builds campus in parks," says one student's mother. Even if you sit in the classroom, you can still hear the birdsong outside the window. In order to meet the needs of students' study and life, there are all kinds of facilities, including first-class library, college students' activity center, multi-functional gymnasium, plastic track, basketball court and gymnasium, etc.