International Cooperation and Exchange Center

The main responsibilities of the International Cooperation and Exchange Center are as follows:

1. Responsible for international development planning and system construction;

2. Responsible for the university's foreign exchange and cooperation affairs, and undertaking all kinds of international cooperation projects and foreign affairs reception activities at the university level;

3. Responsible for international cooperation and exchange affairs, such as international study visits, and short-term study tour, for branch campuses;

4. Responsible for the international accreditation of some of the branch's majors, mutual recognition of international credits with cooperative institutions, and in-depth academic exchange in order to bring the curriculum to an international level;

5. Responsible for applications for global graduate programs, study abroad, and overseas travel by faculty and staff;

6. Responsible for the management of foreign teachers in the school, including teacher recruitment, induction, entry, orientation and communication feedback on teaching;

7. Responsible for the management of international students in the university, including the admission of international students, the management of student registrations, the management of teaching and learning, and the education on Chinese customs and regulations;

8. Responsible for other matters related to international cooperation and exchange at the university.