According to the needs for the university's strategic development, in order to further promote the institutional reform of the university's functional departments, it is decided on the president's office meeting to adjust the institutional setting of the Finance Department and set up the Strategic Finance Center, Business Finance Center and Shared Finance Center.

I. Responsibilities of Each Center:

(I) Strategic Finance Center

1. Managing the financing channels, actively exploring the financial market, building diversified financing channels and establishing and maintaining good cooperative relations with various financial institutions;

2. Managing internal financing, reasonably scheduling funds, arranging funds for internal use, supervising and optimizing the use of various funds, ensuring the safety of funds, improving the efficiency of fund use and formulating relevant systems and processes;

3. Establishing a budget management system, organizing the preparation and review of budgets, analyzing and feeding back the budget implementation of various departments and formulating relevant systems and processes;

4. Formulating the analytics and project planning of investment projects of the university.

(II) Business Finance Center

2. 1. Financial forecast and risk analysis of the university's performance;

2. Analyzing and feeding back various kinds of special funds and putting forward improvement measures and suggestions for cost optimization;

3. Managing fixed assets and analyzing and evaluating the efficiency in the use of the assets;

4. Collecting and sorting out financial information and data inside and outside the university and completing analysis reports based on independent projects;

5. Providing various kinds of special financial analysis support for subordinate departments.

(3) Shared Finance Center

1. Formulating systems and processes for accounting, cash management, fee management and one-card pass (Yikatong) management;

2. Accounting and daily services such as cash transactions and money collection and payment, as well as accounting statements and financial reports preparation;

3. Handling tax matters of the university;

4. Binding, sorting and handover of accounting documents;

5. Managing fees collection;

6. Card management of the staff and students and the accounting management of Yikatong.