In accordance with the school's strategy, the management decided to establish the Office of Academic Research to effectively promote the construction of first-class colleges and majors by strengthening the university's research management, enhancing teachers' research capacity, and promoting the transformation of teaching and research results. The main responsibilities of the Office of Academic Research are as follows.

1. Responsible for the formulation of medium and long-term development plans for research in the university.

2. Responsible for formulating and revising the university's research management rules and regulations and supervising their implementation.

3. Establish the university's research funding according to the annual work plan and be responsible for the allocation and management of the funding.

4. Responsible for the development of the university's research team and the cultivation of the research backbone.

5. Organize the application and establishment of national, provincial and ministerial longitudinal research projects, major national science and technology projects, major special projects and international science and technology cooperation projects, carry out the whole process of project tracking and management, as well as the appraisal and evaluation of scientific research results.

6. Responsible for the declaration and management of science and technology awards at all levels, including national science and technology awards, provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards, non-governmental awards, and special science and technology awards inside and outside the university.

7. Responsible for the organization, cultivation, declaration and promotion of scientific research results and patents (including intellectual property rights), management of theses and works, registration of results, submission of results for awards, application and management of patents (including intellectual property rights).

8. Responsible for organizing and assisting the secondary departments in the development of academic activities.

9. Responsible for providing scientific research, academic information and consulting services to all departments.

10. Responsible for the collection, arrangement and transmission of research information and the management of research files in the university.