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Characteristics of Xi’an Eurasia University as an international model


1. Build international partnerships to promote the construction of international programs

In the past three years, the university has vigorously carried out international cooperation and exchanges with overseas counterparts and integrated itself into the Belt and Road Initiative. So far, it has established cooperative relations with 51 universities in 15 countries such as Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States. As of June 2022, its nine schools had offered 18 international programs including the excellent bilingual class program, international certificate program, and Sino-foreign cooperative education program.

It enables students to receive the local-based international, bilingual education with dual degree. The university has established partnerships with the University of Arizona (268th in QS World University Rankings), the Curtin University in Australia (194th in QS World University Rankings), the University of South Australia (320th in QS World University Rankings) and others to provide students with a variety of options for overseas study. In April 2022, Xi’an Eurasia University and Middle Tennessee State University in the United States launched an undergraduate education program in software engineering. The program was approved by the Ministry of Education, and has become one of the first Sino-foreign cooperative education programs run by private colleges in Shaanxi Province as accredited by the Ministry of Education. In accordance with the teaching quality assurance system of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the two sides in the program share the network and teaching resources. One-third of the core courses are provided by the American side, and all core courses are taught in English.

Qualified graduates will be awarded degree certificates from both universities. The program aims to explore students' academic interests, broaden their horizons, respect their personality, guide students to think in an inter-disciplinary manner, and cultivate their ability to make self-reflection and ask questions.


2. Follow the standards of international organizations to improve the quality of courses

The university now provides more than 50 bilingual courses. The university encourages schools or departments to actively apply for international certification, and measures curriculum construction and teaching against international standards. In 2019, EAaD School of Art and Design joined Cumulus and the Network on Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS). In 2020, the tourism discipline was certified by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UN-WTO). In 2021, the university was approved as a "Gold Approved Learning Partner" and "Computer-based Exam Center" of ACCA Global, which means that the pass rate, teaching faculty, teaching quality, teaching equipment with software and hardware, and student affairs services for ACCA exams at Xi’an Eurasia University have all met the requirements of the UK-based headquarters. The university has established an international business school, which resorts to EQUIS accreditation system in Europe, one of the three systems for business and management schools. As the only private university member recognized by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) in China, the quality and prospects of the International Business School have been highly acknowledged by the authoritative business school accreditation body in the world.


3. Build a pool of resources to offer more options of international studies and employment

Since 2018, nearly 600 students have received admission letters from foreign universities. Among students that graduated in 2021-2022, 294 were admitted to foreign universities, with 48% to top 500 universities in QS World University Rankings and 22% to top 200, such as the University of Sydney (38th in QS World University Rankings) , University of New South Wales (43rd in QS World University Rankings), Moscow State University (78th in QS World University Rankings), University of St Andrews (91st in QS World University Rankings), University of Leeds (92nd in QS World University Rankings), and the University of Sheffield (95th in QS World University Rankings). The university signed an agreement with Anderson in Australia in 2020 to build a partnership in internship program. More than 70% of graduates in2021 are employed in the modern service industry, and 15% by internationally renowned companies such as Sangfor Technologies Inc., Shaanxi BC & TV Network, and Beijing Shougang Construction Group Co., Ltd.


4. Carry out a variety of cultural activities to create an international atmosphere

The university organized various cultural activities such as the Russian Cultural Winter Camp, the Salon of Overseas Famous Teachers, the "Cloud Tour" of famous schools abroad, and the Model United Nations to thicken the international atmosphere on campus and broaden the international vision of the students. In 2021, the university launched the "ASAP (every student will be involved in an international event)" program, and now 3,500 students have been involved. With inter-university exchange programs, culture related summer camps and winter camps, and special language programs, the university has attracted 187 long-term and short-term international students. While building a bilingual campus and creating a local-based international atmosphere, it actively undertakes the mission and social responsibility for dissemination of Chinese culture.