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On October 18, Xi'an Foreign-related Talent Training School was officially established at No. 83 Xiangzimiao Street, Xi'an, marking the beginning of Xi'an Eurasia University.

On October 8, the former Shaanxi Provincial Education Commission approved Hu Jianbo as the legal representative and president of Eurasia, forming a leading group with Liu Erning, Yuan Huixiang, Yang Jianlong and An Wenhuai as vice presidents and Liu Jin as assistant to the president. The campus site is relocated to the Taiwan compatriot tour taxi company in the middle section of Youxi Road in the northern suburb of Xi'an.

On January 1, according to the documents of the Shaanxi Provincial Education Commission, Shaanxi Foreign-related Talent Training Institute was officially renamed "Xi'an Eurasia Training Institute",and the new site of the Institute was Ducheng Village, Electronic City, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. In the same year, the college was granted the pilot qualification of higher education diploma examination.

On May 24, the [2000] No. 113 Document of Shaanxi Provincial People's Government agreed to "establish Xi'an Eurasia University on the basis of Xi'an Eurasia Training Institute". In the same year, the university had 10655 registered students, ranking among the "Top Ten Famous Private Universities in China".

On March 17, the university held its first teaching work meeting. President Hu Jianbo delivered a report on the overall work of Xi'an Eurasia University: "Seizing Opportunities, Forging Ahead, and Striving to Create a New Situation for the Construction and Development of Xi'an Eurasia Vocational Institute", marking that Eurasia has entered a new stage in improving its school-running level and teaching quality.

From January 25 to 27, Xi'an Eurasia Vocational Institute was promoted to a private undergraduate institution with 32 votes by the National Evaluation Committee for the Establishment of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, ranking first among the four candidate institutes in Shaanxi Province.

From November 28 to December 1, Eurasia welcomed the evaluation of the talent training level of higher vocational schools and colleges by the Ministry of Education, and the evaluation conclusion was "good". Since then, Eurasia began to propose a change from "school development-oriented" to "student development-oriented".

On November 5, Eurasia launched the project of "Allpku and Xi'an Eurasia University Strategy and Organizational Culture", which sorted out and formed the university's organizational culture and established its mission, vision, values and specific connotations.

On December 9, based on a comprehensive analysis of the internal and external environment, Eurasia proposed its "4+4+2" strategy, with the goal of becoming a first-class undergraduate education service provider in Xi'an in 10 years.

Phase I (2009-2012): Some key disciplines realized the above-average teaching level for application-oriented undergraduate colleges in Xi'an

Phase II (2013-2016): Reaching the advanced teaching level for application-oriented undergraduate colleges in Xi'an basically

Phase III (2017-2018): Becoming a top-class application-oriented undergraduate university in China

Taking the opportunity of undertaking the national education system reform pilot program, the university has carried out the internal management system reform based on authorization, including personnel, finance and various academic departments, and coordinated the development of quality, operation and brand. In the same year, Eurasia established the educational philosophy of "Being International, Valuing Application and Offering New Experiences".

On the basis of the three strategies of quality, operation and prestige, two supporting contents of "organization building and management system" and "informatization" are added to form a "4+4+2" strategy management system.

The university has made remarkable achievements in teaching quality standards, evaluation system, credit system reform supporting system, talent training, curriculum cooperation, high-end talent introduction, international program cooperation, etc.

Eurasia put forward the concept of "new business", which integrates knowledge and empowers business education through interactive learning methods such as company simulation and case teaching, and informatization. Eurasia won first place in the "China Private University Rankings of Finance and Economics" by the China alumni association website (http://www.cuaa.net).

On October 18, the university held the Education Development Forum with the theme of "Participate & Change the Future" and the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of the Founding of Xi'an Eurasia University. The History Museum of Eurasia and the Concept Museum for Educational Reformation were opened, and it was proposed that Eurasia would fully implement the quality strategy of "Being International, Valuing Application and Offering New Experiences" in the next ten years to further transform the concept of education quality. Greater emphasis is placed on the "adaptability" of education.

The national education informatization pilot program "Reform and Exploration of Education and Teaching Mode under Informatization" undertaken by Eurasia won the "Excellent" grade in the acceptance. Therefore, Eurasia became the only private university in China that had undertaken the national pilot program and won the "Excellent" grade.

 The university shifted from "school development-centered" to "student development-centered". Through the system reconstruction of the whole system and the whole team, a unique school-running model of Eurasia was created and widely praised by relevant stakeholders.

On January 14, Professor Hu Jianbo, Chairman of Xi'an Eurasia University, delivered a special report, "Eurasia 3.0: Value-oriented Education", which systematically illuminated the connotation of Eurasia's value-oriented education concept and ushered in the next decade of development.

The future strategic focus of the university was as follows: Internationalization is the general direction of strategic development; the application is the unchanging orientation of school-running; student development is the ultimate goal of value-oriented education, and the curriculum system is the focus of education and teaching reform.

At the 2019 year-end work conference, Xi’an Eurasia University first put forward the "Eurasia Quality Declaration". The university clearly stated that "Quality is the real lifeline of Eurasia", "It is Eurasia's unswerving mission to provide high-quality education services for students", and "Quality is a long-term development process and endless pursuit".

On October 18, the ceremony for the 25th anniversary of the founding of Xi’an Eurasia University was held. Cao Yan, second-level inspector of the Education Working Committee of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee and the Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government and full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Organs Directly Under the Central Committee, attended the ceremony. Hu Jianbo, Chairman of Xi'an Eurasia University, gave a report entitled "Becoming a Happy University - Looking Forward to 2030": Looking ahead, we should take root in Xi'an and become an international university, strengthen the functions of an application-oriented university, create more free learning opportunities, undertake our social and historical responsibilities, become the leader of green and smart cities, and lead the sustainable development of surrounding cities and regions.

The university issued the "14th Five-Year" Plan for the Development of Xi'an Eurasia University, which clearly depicts the blueprint for the development of Eurasia with the overall objectives of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and eight special sub-plans.

The overall goal of Xi’an Eurasia University during the 14th Five-Year Plan period:

By 2025, the overall school-running strength will be steadily improved; the school-running characteristics will be more distinctive; the school-running perspective and educational system for developing a local international university will be basically formed; the University will be ranked among the best in China's application-oriented undergraduate universities by the main school-running indicators; new breakthroughs will be made in application-oriented talent training, scientific research, and social service; a set of teaching, management, and service modes that have the University's characteristics and can be promoted will be developed to make Xi’an Eurasia University the most beautiful and digitally advanced university in Xi'an.

 Eight special sub-plans:

Investment and Construction Plan, Education and Teaching Plan, Internationalization Plan, Scientific Research and Social Service Plan, Governance System and Governance Capacity Building Plan, Talent Program Plan, Digital Transformation Plan, and Cultural Development Plan are formulated to specify key objectives.

The year 2022 marks the "open school-running year" of the university. Through "going global + bringing in", important breakthroughs have been made in many aspects such as Sino-foreign cooperative education programs and school-enterprise cooperation, and long-term high-quality development has been explored.