The Student Development Office is the competent department of student affairs, which is responsible for ideological education, student behavior guidance, Communist Youth League affairs, community activities, student rewards and punishments, student loans, mental health education and career education for all students in the university. Upholding the "student-centered" philosophy, the Student Development Office pays attention to giving full play to the educational function of student affairs management, highlights individual growth and development of students and assists students to tap their potential through experiential activities and "non-formal courses". Student affairs, professional education and general education together constitute the talent cultivation system of Eurasia University.

The Student Development Office administers 9 departments, including the Student Activities Center, the Research and Development Center, the Information Center and 6 Youth Communities. The main functions of each department are as follows:

I. Youth Communities

As the major providers of community education in the university's talent cultivation system, the youth communities give full play to the educational function of student affairs management and are devoted to the cultivation of students' basic qualities, mainly including civic virtues, physical and mental health, gratitude, leadership, diversified living abilities, career planning ability, entrepreneurship ability and communication skills. The youth communities provide convenient one-stop services and considerate life guidance to create a brand-new university community life experience for students; embrace diversified community cultures, carry out colorful experiential activities and provide a broad platform for students' growth and development; offer content-rich non-formal courses and micro-lectures and guide students to actively participate in knowledge learning and application based on their interests.

(I) Providing services for basic affairs of students, including archives, certificates, insurance, financial aid, diversified accommodation, discipline management, community safety and student emergency handling;

(II) Offering training for students' basic qualities and student education and guidance and specifically implementing such work as life counseling, mental health counseling and career planning guidance for students;

(III) Responsible for Party affairs and Communist Youth League affairs and their specific implementation.

II. Research and Development Center

(I) Carrying out investigation and analysis of the demand for student affairs services, as well as the research on the concept and practice of student management;

(II) Responsible for the R&D and implementation of student career planning courses, current situation and policy courses, entrepreneurship courses and non-formal courses.

III. Students Activity Center

(I) Guiding to carry out various student activities;

(II) Coordinating student activity venues, organizing and carrying out various campus cultural activities and large-scale student activities;

(III) Organizing the implementation of non-formal courses for students.

IV. Information Center

(I) Responsible for personnel management, financial management, archives administration and student data statistical analysis of the Student Development Office;

(II) Responsible for the maintenance and management of the Student Development Office's information management system and we-media platforms;

(III) Responsible for the affairs communication between the Student Development Office and the government.