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Overseas Study


Information Engineering

Overseas Partner University

Middle Tennessee State University

Program Highlights


1.     Cost-effective

Founded in 1911, Middle Tennessee State University is a comprehensive public university with 3 Nobel Prize winners, accredited by SACSCOC since 1928. Its QS ranking is 541-550 in 2021-2022. The tuition fee is 49,800 yuan/year, which only accounts for 1/5 of the tuition fee of international students in this university in the United States. You can receive qualified international education with less tuition fee.

2.     Safe

Disrupted by the pandemic, the Sino-foreign joint education program is mainly operated domestically, reducing the risks studying abroad.

3.     High-quality courses

All 18 core courses are taught by teachers from MTSU; the "immersive" English learning environment facilitates quick improvement of your language skills.

4.     Dual-degree

Students who meet the graduation requirements of both Eurasia and MTSU can obtain a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Xi’an Eurasia University and a bachelor’s degree in science issued by Middle Tennessee State University, which are recognized by the Ministry of Education of China.


School of Business Administration: Marketing, Business Administration

School of Culture and Media: Radio and TV Editing, Internet and New Media

School of Humanities and Education: Pre-school Education,Elementary Education,Psychology,English,Education

School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering: Project Cost

EAaD School of Art and Design: Digital Media Art, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design

School of Higher Vocational Education: Project Cost, News Editing and Production, Big Data and Financial Management

Overseas Partner University (2+2 Dual-Degree, 3+1 Dual-Degree, Postgraduate Program)

UK: Coventry University, Swansea University, University of Huddersfield, Bournemouth University, Keele University, Birmingham City University, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Australia: University of South Australia, Curtin University, Central Queensland University

USA: Middle Tennessee State University, University of Arizona

Canada: Vancouver Island University, Algonquin College

France: Rennes School of Business

Singapore: James Cook University

Malaysia: Management and Science University, UCSI University, City University Malaysia

Japan: University of East Asia

Korea: Woosong University

Program Highlights

1.     Immersive English Learning

256 class hours/academic year, lectures by foreign teachers, diversified international activities

2.     High-Quality Further Education and Employment

High pass rate for CET-4, early preparations for postgraduate entrance exams, high employment rate in top companies

3.     Bilingual Program

Cooperation with top universities overseas, easy access to further education abroad

ACCA Program



Program Highlights

1.      High Value

Among the nearly 3,000 colleges and universities in China, only more than 150 provide ACCA courses for accounting majors, and Xi’an Eurasia University is one of them.

2.      Institutional Accreditation

Xi'an Eurasia University is the first “ACCA Gold Learning Partner” approved by ACCA Headquarters and the only "ACCA Examination Center" among private universities in China.

3.      International Practicing Certificate + Dual-degree

Students can work to acquire ACCA Business Accounting Certificate and ACCA Advanced Business Accounting Certificate during university. Eligible graduates can obtain a Bachelor of Applied Accounting (Honours) from Oxford Brookes University and a Bachelor of Management from Xi'an Eurasia University.

4.      Quality Teaching

International teacher, PhD, professor, ACCA, teaching using Member; ACCA courses taught in English, bilingual teaching in Chinese and English.

5.      Quality Employment

Graduates with ACCA certificates are highly likely to get a job with decent salaries in government agencies, multinational companies, accounting firms, consulting companies, and securities and financial companies.

CFA Program (International Finance)



Program Highlights

1.      High-Quality Courses

Face-to-face CFA course + language course + finance degree course. We have established partnership with China's largest financial education brand "Golden Education" to improve the pass rate of the course; undergraduate education and vocational education are combined to synchronize the knowledge system of Wall Street financial practice.

2.      Bonus Points for Postgraduate Study Overseas

Priority is given to CFA candidates for postgraduate entrance examinations in colleges and universities; business postgraduate applicants for overseas colleges and universities are exempt from GMAT test scores.

3.      Hi-Paying Jobs

CFA is known as the "stepping stone" of investment banks, and has been recognized by well-known employers such as Goldman Sachs, CICC, and CitiBank. The average annual salary of CFA certificate holders in mainland China is 508,000 yuan.


Financial Services and Management, Animation Production

Overseas Partner University

Coventry University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of East Asia

Program Highlights

1.      Small-Class

Chinese and international teachers jointly teach the classes, with 320 class hours/academic year of language courses; hierarchical and classified teaching, and the three-advisor system (academic advisor + career advisor + community coordinator) helps students improve their academic quality.

2.      3+1+1 Combined Top-Up/Master Program (3-year domestic higher vocational education, 1-year undergraduate abroad, 1-year postgraduate abroad). It takes you only 5 years to obtain a domestic associate degree and a bachelor's degree of an overseas university.

3.      Hi-Paying Jobs

Overseas study tours and overseas internships increase the possibility of obtaining a job in top enterprises.