According to the needs of the university for strategic development, in order to better serve the university's teaching work, scientific research and innovative development, it is decided on the president's office meeting to adjust the institutional setting of the Graphic Information Center and set up the Readers & Culture Service Center, Teaching and Learning Service Center, Management and Operation Service Center and Smart Environment Service Center. The responsibilities of each center are as follows:

I. Readers & Culture Service Center

(I) Guiding reading culture among teachers and students in the university and planning and implementing academic lectures and various reading activities;

(II) Responsible for the planning, building, maintenance and promotion of university-level book resources;

(III) Responsible for the research, planning and daily management of the library's spatial layout;

(IV) Responsible for cataloging, classifying, arranging, lending, and reserving books, building and operating branch libraries, as well as other library circulation and management affairs;

(V) Responsible for literature search, subject search, document retrieval, and other delivery services.

II. Teaching and Learning Service Center

(I) Responsible for innovative research, planning, demonstration, construction, and daily maintenance of digital teaching;

(II) Responsible for the training, application, and promotion of information system for teaching and learning;

(III) Responsible for improving the IT experience of teachers and students in the teaching and learning process and optimizing system functionality;

(IV) Responsible for the daily management of the school's public data, the formulation of data standards and management practices, and the regular publication of data reports.

III. Management and Operation Service Center

(I) Responsible for the promotion of various cultural events;

(II) Responsible for the information and data literacy orientation of students and faculty in the school;

(III) Responsible for the research, planning, demonstration, construction and daily maintenance of the school management information system;

(IV) Responsible for the editing, publication, and distribution of the "Journal of Xi'an Eurasia University";

(V) Responsible for department branding and new media management operations.

IV. Smart Environment Service Center

(I) Responsible for network design, hardware development, and operation of smart campus environment;

(II) Responsible for the design and construction of the smart campus platform and securing resources for the IT infrastructure environment;

(III) Responsible for the planning and construction of the school's information security system;

(IV) Responsible for the maintenance of the school's campus network, smart library, data room, and information systems.