Harmony in Diversity / Pluralitas in unitatem

Always cherish the spirit of compatibility

Eurasia University’s motto, Hé ér Bǜ Tóng or Pluralitas in unitatem (means harmony in diversity), comes from the spirit of compatibility. We accept and respect ‘being different’, seeking neutral on the basis of it. We value harmony without repeat and diversity without conflicts. We deem that harmony(Hé) means mutualism and diversity(Bù Tóng) means complement. The idea origins from The Analects of Confucius, in which it wrote ‘the gentleman aims at harmony, but not at uniformity. The mean man aims at uniformity, but not at harmony’. Guo Yu Zheng Yu developed the concepts of ‘harmony’ and distinguished it from ‘uniformity’. It said that harmony generates everything while uniformity would not last forever. In ancient China, ‘harmony in diversity’ is the vital principle dealing with different cultures and academic schools of thought. Meanwhile, it is also the power, approach and basic rule to advance the academics. Hé means unity and harmony, which is abstract and internal; Bù Tóng is concrete and external. Only if we allow diversity can we realize harmony.

Pluralitas in unitatem is the Latin version of ‘harmony in diversity’. In English, the word ‘university’ evolved from the Latin word ‘universitas’, sharing the same origin with ‘unitas’. The word ‘university’ contains the meaning of ‘whole’, ‘harmony’, ‘universe’, and ‘world’, etc.


The leading bodies at all levels in Eurasia firmly established the idea of ‘teacher based and student oriented’. The board of directors, fully listen to the opinions of all the faculty and staff, has formulated the mission, vision and core values of our university.


Provide high-quality education for students.Extended meaning: to win students' satisfaction, employees' loyalty, peer’s respect, social recognition, and the government's trust.


To become the most respected private university in China.The meaning includes: to provide high quality education and service to win respect from students and their parents; to cultivate students' excellent career ability and outstanding growth to win their employers’ respect; to cultivate lifelong development ability of teachers and pay attention to their welfare to win our staff’s respect; to actively explore in the field of education to win the respect of our peers; to win social respect with our open, democratic, learning and excellent organization culture.


  • Responsibility
    EU shoulders the responsibility of the interests of all parties and always require the staff to be responsible and practical, and fulfill their duties.
  • Partnership
    We are all ordinary people. Only band together, offering mutual respect, tolerance, sharing and cooperation, can we build a good enterprise together.
  • Innovation
    EU advocates following the law of education and the law of the market and encouraging all staff to carry out reformation and innovation activities at all levels.Continuous innovation will be the core of EU’s survival and development.
  • Usefulness
    EU advocates offering useful education to our students, and emphasis on doing useful things. In EU, both teaching and management consider effectiveness as the standard of value judgement.