Concordia University Chicago

College introduction

        Concordia University Chicago is also known as Concordia University Chicago (River Forest) or CUC. Founded in 1864, it is located in Chicago, USA. It is the earliest elite school in the Midwest. It is the most famous and competitive for education and music majors.

        CUC has cultivated thousands of teachers for the Midwest region of the United States. More than 80% of its students are from middle-class families in the United States, and only 2% are of Asian or Pacific origins.

Cooperative program:

Dual bachelor's degree (2+2 mode)

Bachelor's degree to master's degree program (3+2 mode)

Junior college to master's degree program (3+2 mode)

Academic requirements:No failure in course exams in China, an average score of 80 or more, application one year in advance for any discipline in business, and an undergraduate degree certificate required.

IELTS requirements:6.5

  • Tuition

  • Teacher student ratio