Stevens-Henager College

College introduction

Stevens-Henager College is one of its kind with the most distinctive features in Utah. It is a private non-profit comprehensive university recognized and authorized by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in the United States, and a famous American university recognized by the Ministry of Education of China.

Founded in 1891, Stevens-Henager College is one of the oldest and most recognized universities in Utah. Its academic fields include medicine, information technology and business. The majors open to international students for the master's degree are Business Administration, Healthcare Administration, Information Systems Administration, and Nursing Administration.

Globally, there is a high demand for advanced practice and management talents in the fields of business administration, healthcare administration, information systems administration, and nursing administration. Stevens-Henager College has followed the mission of enabling its graduates to quickly add value to the world economy. Based on that, the master's degree programs are properly combined with professional practice to adapt to the market demand. As part of the master's degree program for international students enrolled in Stevens-Henager College, students are required to take curricular practical training (CPT) in related fields beyond the university. The efficient curriculum setup enables our graduates to gain academic competitiveness and rich practical experience, and prepares them for becoming highly sought-after senior management talents.

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