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The 11th National Undergraduate E-commerce "Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship" Challenge (referred to as "Three Creations" for short) was held in Lintong Campus of Xi'an Engineering on June 5 in Shaanxi Province. After fierce competition, 6 students in our school have won their entrepreneurial works, among which MR Smart Guide won the first prize. The love storage tank, VR recruitment and sharing charging pile that promote positive social energy won the second prize respectively, and the e village pass and college fruit shopping dedicated to rural revitalization won the third prize respectively. In addition to college fruit shopping, the above five works were all from the School of Business Administration.

Competition award scene

The enrollment preparation for the three innovation competition started in November last year. It took 8 months before and after the competition. The School of Business Administration hosted the school level competition of Eurasia College for the three innovation competition. Branch leaders and teachers attached great importance to it. They did a lot of work from mobilizing to organizing the School of Business Administration, and teachers and students made careful preparations for it. The school level competition was successfully held on April 24. A total of 84 teams in the school signed up for the competition.

The winning works of this provincial competition are all excellent works selected by the school competition, and the scale of this school competition is also the largest ever. The achievement of this tri innovation competition is a concentrated reflection of the School of Business Administration's efforts to promote entrepreneurship and innovation education, and it is also another outstanding achievement in major events after the Challenge Cup.

Group photo of the competition site

As one of the most influential high-level e-commerce discipline competitions held for college students, the three innovation competition is the top competition in the field of e-commerce in China, known as the Olympic Games in the field of e-commerce, and belongs to the national A-class competition. The competition is conducive to promoting innovation education and practical teaching reform, accelerating the in-depth integration of industry, education and research, and fostering college students' innovation awareness, creative thinking, entrepreneurial ability and team spirit. A total of 3392 teams from 32 colleges and universities in the province signed up to participate in the tri innovation competition. Finally, 215 teams entered the Shaanxi regional trials, both in scale and competition.

Group photo of teachers and students

(Picture/text of School of Business Administration)

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