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Jointly Create a Media Future through In-depth Cultural Integration — The 14th Missouri Teaching Week of School of Culture & Communication, Xi'an Eurasia University Concludes


On May 30, 2023, Missouri Teaching Week of School of Culture & Communication of Xi'an Eurasia University kicked off. During this Teaching Week, the School of Culture & Communication invited a professor of media convergence from the Missouri School of Journalism housed under the University of Missouri to give lectures on Fundamentals of Multimedia News Reporting and Convergence Journalism Reporting. On the basis of the discussion of cutting-edge issues in the industry, this Teaching Week integrated the curriculum of the Missouri School of Journalism into the teaching of a wide range of professional courses. It adopted the form of pre-workshops to enhance students' participation in international professional classes, so as to maximize and deeply penetrate international cooperation resources into teachers' lectures, professional courses, and student experience.

Fan Rong, Assistant Dean of the School of Culture & Media, mentioned in his speech at the opening ceremony that "The international program is added to bilingual courses for the purpose of providing students cutting-edge professional knowledge and cultivating students' international vision". This course also arouses students' interest in learning by combining theory with practice and in the way of going from the elementary to the profound, helping them have an in-depth understanding of the fast-evolving news communication environment and better cope with the needs of modern journalism.

In the one-week course Fundamentals of Multimedia News Reporting, Professor Rice gave a basic explanation of news writing and interviewing, basic principles of multimedia narratives, basic photography and video skills, and audio and video editing skills through a detailed analysis of the main forms of reports such as text, pictures, audio, and video. Through a large number of case studies and software practices, students were taught how to write news reports suitable for multimedia platforms and how to combine text, pictures, audio, video, and other media forms to tell vivid and interesting news stories. Later, Professor Simons spent a week introducing the definition and development trend of convergence journalism. She lectured on the advantages of convergence journalism reporting and various media platforms, the principles and operations of convergence journalism reporting, mobile device media news reporting and editing, etc., to help students understand and master the interviewing, shooting, clipping, production skills and art of convergence journalism reporting and learn how to use multimedia platforms such as paper, video, audio, photos, and data visualization platforms for news reporting.

This year marks the 14th anniversary of the comprehensive cooperation between the School of Culture & Communication of Xi'an Eurasia University and the Missouri School of Journalism of the University of Missouri in the United States. Over the past 14 years, Teaching Week has highlighted forward-looking topics and the latest developments and trends in the journalism sector. Such a wide range of academic lectures, practical activities, and cultural experiences help students open the door to the future of journalism. Under the close cooperation between the two sides, the School of Culture & Media has made remarkable achievements in frontier discipline development and international talent cultivation. By sharing teaching resources and experience, the two schools learn from each other and grow together, which not only achieves the goal of jointly improving teaching quality and academic research but also provides a broader international exchange platform for students.

Today, the Missouri Teaching Week of the School of Culture & Communication, Xi'an Eurasia University has become a national academic brand. In 2022, in response to the university's "local internationalization" strategy, the School of Culture & Media launched bilingual classes on network and new media majors to be dedicated to creating an international learning environment for students and providing them with international cutting-edge professional education. The bilingual professional course is a characteristic curriculum requirement for students of the bilingual program of the School of Culture & Media. International teaching topics and design cases are adopted for the course, aiming at cultivating students' international vision and understanding the cutting-edge knowledge and practical content of the discipline.

As an international characteristic activity of the School of Culture & Communication, Missouri Teaching Week is of great significance to students' personal growth and career development. Teaching Week is carried out in the form of face-to-face teaching by foreign professors and student practice workshops, which exposes students to a wider range of discipline knowledge and cutting-edge research results. Exposure to diversified learning opportunities and educational resources not only enables students to broaden their academic horizons but also greatly improves their academic development, practical ability and comprehensive competence. The Missouri Teaching Week Bilingual Program of the School of Culture & Communication will place more emphasis on strengthening academic exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States to cultivate journalists with a global perspective. The program focuses on cultivating students' practical ability while teaching them academic theories. Through this program, students can have an in-depth understanding of the status quo and challenges of the journalism industry by visiting news organizations and interviewing sites through news reporting practices and think deeply about important topics such as journalistic ethics, responsibility, and social impact.

In the future, the School of Culture & Media will continue to introduce international advanced teaching concepts and methods, further expand the scope of exchange fields and deepen cooperation projects, provide students with more practical opportunities and academic resources in terms of student exchange programs, joint research projects, academic conferences, and other aspects, and cultivate their global vision and cross-cultural communication skills to meet the needs of the increasingly globalized journalism industry.

As an epitome of promoting China-US educational exchanges and cooperation, the School of Culture & Media of Xi'an Eurasia University will continue to deepen its cooperation with the School of Journalism of the University of Missouri, so as to stay committed to jointly cultivating more journalists with global vision and cross-cultural communication skills and make greater contributions to the progress and development of the journalism industry.

Some Courses of Teaching Weak

Fundamentals of Multimedia News Reporting

Convergence Journalism Reporting

Digital Media Strategies & the Consumer Decision Journey

Artificial Intelligence’s Applications to Journalism & Communication

Data News and Sensor News

Big Data & Data Journalism

Some Professors of the Program

Brad Best

Caleb Heinzman

Amy Simons

Dr. Ernest Zhang

Steve Rice

Fergus Pitt

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