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Learning and Exchange: Focus on the New Horizon of Media! 2022 Missouri Teaching Week Officially Opens


Advertising  marketing methods have been constantly updated and iterated as the  digital era has progressed, from web page banners to bidding ranking  advertisements, from stylized purchases to news feed advertisements. A  new round of digital technology is on the way as new concepts and  phenomena emerge, such as Metaverse, NFT, and Web 3.0. Another joint  teaching activity was held between Xi'an Eurasia University's School of  Culture & Media and the University of Missouri's School of  Journalism. On October 10, 2022, the Missouri Teaching Week 2022 on  "Digital Media Marketing Strategies and Consumer Decisions" began.


Xi'an Eurasia University & University of Missouri Teaching Week Opens Again

Focus On Trends in Marketing & Open a New Horizon of Communication

As  we continued to pay close attention to new technology trends as in  previous Missouri Teaching Weeks, Brad Best, Associate Professor of  Strategic Communications at the University of Missouri, and Dr. Zhang  Yuyan, the director of the China Cooperation Program of the Global  Exchange Program Center of the Missouri School of Journalism, were  invited. They would lead students to explore the digital world from the  perspective of marketing strategies and digital media consumption. Hao  Chunyi, Deputy Dean of the School of Culture & Media, Cao Xiaojuan,  Assistant to the Dean, and some teachers and students in 2021 majoring  in Internet and New Media attended the opening ceremony, which was  hosted by Fan Rong, Assistant to the Dean of the School of Culture &  Media.

This  was the thirteenth year that Xi'an Eurasia University's School of  Culture & Media collaborated with the University of Missouri's  School of Journalism in the United States. Dr. Zhang Yuyan, one of the  organizers of previous Missouri Teaching Weeks, stated in his speech  that Xi'an Eurasia University and the University of Missouri had reached  various forms of friendly cooperation in previous in-depth exchanges  and visits, and this Teaching Week would also bring an abundance of  teaching modules.

Over  the years, the School of Culture & Media at Xi'an Eurasia  University and the University of Missouri have consistently promoted  in-depth dialogues, refined consensus on collaborative innovation, and  offered vivid and interesting deep learning journeys for students  through the exchange of rich and diverse cutting-edge topics. Hao  Chunyi, Deputy Dean of the School of Culture & Media Media, states  in her speech that the Missouri Teaching Week will examine and discuss  the development of marketing communication from the perspective of  media, as well as further envision the future of digital marketing. She  also says that the teaching week fully conforms to Xi'an Eurasia  University's school-running concept of "Being International, Valuing  Application and Offering New Experiences", and will expand th

This  Missouri Teaching Week will feature five teaching lectures, one  teaching workshop, and one student work presentation on digital media  marketing strategies. Following the opening ceremony, Associate  Professor Brad Best and Dr. Zhang Yuyan will deliver the week's first  teaching lecture, "Are you winning?"


Are you winning?」Opening Lecture: Are you Winning?

A Preliminary Exploration of the Digital World and Uncovering the Logic of Marketing Data

-The Mystery Behind the Data

Understanding  consumer needs is a prerequisite for digital media marketers. Beginning  with data statistics technology, Associate Professor Best analyzed the  significance of consumer needs, purchase awareness, and website  operation.

Data  statistics can provide information about consumers' consumption goals  and access channels, allowing operators to better operate web pages and  continuously improve user consumption experiences. Using shopping  websites as an example, Associate Professor Best systematically  elaborates on the process of marketers obtaining network data. User  analysis begins when Internet users enter the search interface, grasp  the process of user behaviors, and summarizes the data to lay the  groundwork for the analysis of its users.

-Are you safe?

In  the era of big data, the Internet is closely intertwined with users'  lives, scientific and technological services are linked to users' data,  and digital technology has permeated every aspect of human life and  work. How shall we protect individual information while enjoying big  data services? Associate Professor Best interpreted it in terms of  website operation rules, user information security, and other issues.

The  difference between "http" and "https" is one letter, but the  transportation security issues are vastly different. "https" is more  secure than "http" and more user-friendly. Only by improving the  website's transport layer security can users be more confident in using  it, thereby increasing the average time spent on a web page and its  entry rate, consolidating existing users, capturing potential users,  improving conversion rate, and assisting businessmen in making better  digital media marketing strategies.

-From Passivity to Independence

Successful  online sales usually focus on users' interests, traffic generation, and  connecting users' consumption experiences. According to this logic,  operators need to start with digital statistical analysis to raise user  awareness of their services.

Associate  Professor Best believes that the key to the success of digital data  analysis lies in three aspects of the statistical process: focusing on  how users enter the website, encouraging the conversion of website users  to consumers, and improving the conversion of each order of  consumption. This allows you to better measure KPI, identify traffic  differentiation, and accurately target customers. Interesting packaging  can also draw the attention of consumers, enhancing the commercial  effect of marketing.

Based  on the dynamic development of the media industry, this teaching week  has organized 5 teaching lectures, 1 teaching workshop, and 1 student  work exhibition. We, together with the Missouri School of Journalism,  look ahead to the future of digital media, uncovering secrets about the  methods and skills of digital media platform marketing strategies, and  guiding students to innovate the new paradigm of digital media marketing  strategies. Stay tuned for the following teaching content!

Introduction to Missouri Teaching Week

In  2010, the School of Culture & Media of Xi'an Eurasia University and  Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri, the top  journalism school in the world, jointly launched "Missouri Teaching  Week", marking the first time in history that a private college in China  collaborated with a world-renowned journalism school to jointly  cultivate students. Missouri School of Journalism's advanced teaching  concepts in news reporting and media convergence have demonstrated  strong advantages in the Curriculum Reform of the School of Culture  & Media at Xi'an Eurasia University. For the past twelve consecutive  years, from "Trends in Journalism" in 2010 to "Artificial Intelligence  Applied in the Field of Journalism" in 2021, the School of Culture &  Media at Xi'an Eurasia University has organized various activities such  as international cooperation in running schools, exchange student  program, and school visits for teachers, especially inviting American  well-known experts in this field to speak about the frontier issues of  global journalism. It has thus built an international exchange platform  for cutting-edge media and education information, which has received  praise and attention from many Chinese colleges and media.

(Written by sicywaa, Zhang Hongyu, and Xu Ruyi)

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