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Zhao Yide, Secretary of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Visits Xi’an Eurasia University

On the morning of November 30, Zhao Yide, Secretary of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, visited Xi'an Eurasia University to investigate the pandemic prevention and control. He stressed that it is necessary to adhere to scientific and targeted measures, strengthen overall planning and consideration, effectively build a solid barrier for pandemic prevention and control, and make every effort to maintain the health of teachers and students and campus safety. Wang Xiao, Fang Hongwei, Li Chunlin, and other members of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee visited the university with Zhao Yide. The university's Chairman Hu Jianbo, President Liu Jin, Secretary of the Party Committee Yu Mengcjen, and others accompanied the group led by Zhao Yide.

They visited the South District Student Living Room, North E Teaching Building, and Hongqiang Student Center to investigate campus safety management, pandemic control, online and offline teaching, and service for life. They also visited the newly-opened Museum of Design (MOD) and spoke highly of the university's efforts in regular pandemic control, education and teaching, and the development of the campus culture.

Pandemic control: scientific and accurate implementation of various requirements to facilitate the education and life of teachers and students

"What measures have been taken to manage students entering and leaving the campus?" "How is the nucleic acid test arranged?" Zhao Yide inquired about campus safety management and pandemic control. "Students must ask for leave online and enter and leave the campus by punching the card. The nucleic acid test site is arranged at each building to avoid throngs; key groups like logistical support workers are subject to the nucleic acid test every day; the campus-wide nucleic acid test will be finished within two hours", said Liu Jin, adding that the university sticks to the total risk management idea and has established a campus safety system covering organization, leadership, and decision-making, emergency guarantee and management, pandemic control measures and management on campus, health monitoring, and medical security. In the face of severe pandemic control, the university has improved the regular prevention and control mechanism and strictly implemented control measures. At present, eight special work teams under the Leading Group for Pandemic Prevention and Control are well functioning, maintaining the health of students and teachers as well as campus safety and stability.

Zhao Yide stressed that colleges and universities have always been a key part of pandemic control. They should resolutely shoulder the main responsibility of pandemic control, effectively enhance the sense of duty to alert against the pandemic, improve various emergency plans, and prepare sufficient pandemic prevention resources. It is necessary to follow the ninth edition and 20 measures for pandemic control, implement scientific and accurate requirements in every link, and continuously optimize nucleic acid testing strategies and regular prevention and control measures.

Teaching and life: maintaining normal teaching order and providing humanistic care for teachers and students

In the recording classroom of the North E Teaching Building, Zhao Yide had a deeper understanding of how Xi’an Eurasia University conducted online-offline teaching amid the pandemic. Since the pandemic spread in 2020, Xi’an Eurasia University has taken institutional advantage as a private university to accelerate the transformation to educational informationization around the online needs of diverse teaching factors, including students, teachers, teaching resources, teaching platforms, and environment, said Zhang Lefang, the university's vice president. In the face of the outbreak resurgence, students and teachers can realize the quick switch between the live classroom relying on the "TronClass platform + Tencent Meeting" and the offline classroom. Each classroom is equipped with an intelligent recording classroom system that enables live class, recorded class, and class patrol, greatly providing convenience for students and teachers who cannot attend offline classes on campus due to the pandemic.

Special attention has been paid to the mental health of students during the pandemic. According to Liu Jin, the university, relying on its advantages of pedagogy and psychology, has built a five-in-one psychological education system involving education and teaching, practice, consulting service, preventive intervention, and platform guarantee. In addition, it has structured a five-level mental health monitoring system at the levels of the university, the Student Development Office, community/schools, floors/classes, and dormitories, realizing effective prevention, real-time monitoring, scientific judgment, active forewarning, and timely intervention. In the past four years, the mental health level of students has maintained generally stable.

Zhao Yide recognized the university's efforts in this regard. He said that while preventing the pandemic, the university should maintain normal teaching and provide good humanistic care and psychological counseling for teachers and students.

Talent training: creative, thoughtful, and personalized students

In the South District Student Living Room, Zhao Yide visited the International Youth Community Office to learn about the community-based management of students. Hu Jianbo said, in 2013, the university started to explore the reform of the community-based management of student affairs. To this end, it established eight youth communities including Drucker, Confucius, and Ivy. In these communities, students from different majors and classes live together for mutual understanding and cooperation in a multicultural context, Students living in the same dormitory often work together, apply for projects, and participate in competitions together. "Students from different majors live in the same dormitory, which is very conducive to students' all-around development. In most cases, communication and mutual learning among students are as important as classroom learning", said Zhao Yide.

In the Montessori Training Center at the School of Humanity Education, Zhao Yide communicated with in-class teachers and students enrolled in 2020 majoring in preschool education. "How many male students are there in this major?" "Do you feel great pressure on study?" Seeing the lively and interesting class, Zhao Yide said, "You discuss with your classmates in class but live with students from other majors. Your experience is interesting and rich, which is real life." He encouraged students to acquire knowledge in abundant life, develop the correct outlook on the world, life, and value, and be full of love and care in their future preschool education career.

Zhao Yide also visited Hongqiao Student Center Campus Cultural and Creative Store and MOD, highly appreciating the design education concept and cultural environment of the university. MOD is China's second and Northwest China's first museum themed by design. It explores the history of the world's industrial design and visual communication design and showcases the epoch-making works that have a profound impact on human life. After two-year renovations, MOD opened an exhibition area for China Pavilion and enriched the connotation of the modern design museum, aiming to become an urban public cultural living room featuring collection, display, and research functions.

Zhao Yide concluded, "Xi'an Eurasia University has coordinated pandemic control, education and teaching, and campus life. It leverages design thinking to build and manage the campus, makes the most of the limited space, and embeds humanistic and artistic design. The teaching environment, living environment, and humanistic environment that students need are all created here. Students can acquire knowledge, enjoy life, and train themselves, especially in creativity. They are creative, thoughtful, and personalized. This is the university that is inclusive and highlights individualized development."

(Text by Li Xiaofei at Brand Communication Department, Video by Shaanxi Broadcasting Corporation)