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Hello, Freshmen — University Lesson 1: Love Xi'an Eurasia University and Love Your Future Self!

"Cherish your youth time and do not waste it". For students, the university means a brand new starting point and a brand new challenge. From September 8 to 15, students enrolled in 2023 at Xi'an Eurasia University who longed and yearned for their college life had their first university lesson.

During the freshman orientation week, the schools of Xi'an Eurasia University provide freshmen with systematic guidance in diverse forms by introducing in detail the basic content of courses, teaching resources, and internship and training at famous enterprises according to the different characteristics of disciplines at all levels. Xi'an Eurasia University hopes that the freshmen take it as a new starting point and work together with it to explore the vast mountains and seas of their lives.

Eight Youth Communities

Youth communities at Xi'an Eurasia University all share the values of being clean, healthy, friendly, and self-disciplined. They respectively focus on four theme activities, namely "transformation of ideas and concepts, transformation of learning methods, transformation of lifestyle, and establishment of independent personality and interpersonal relationship", to help freshmen enrolled in 2023 complete a smooth transition to university life and quickly adapt to and integrate into university life.

Among them, Queens' Land and Drucker Youth Community with the theme of "Meeting in Eurasia" is intended to help students develop interpersonal relationships on campus. Confucious Youth Community with the theme of "Feeling like Old Friends at the First Meeting" aims to help students learn the SOFTEN rule for dealing with interpersonal relationships. A series of wonderful campus activities in multiple communities have helped freshmen become familiar with the campus and explore together with teachers the "student-centered" teaching concept.

A whole new college life has sounded the horn. In the next four years, youth communities at Xi'an Eurasia University will encourage freshmen to actively participate in various campus organizations, volunteer services, sports competitions, and other activities, so as to comprehensively improve their overall competence and become versatile talents who are good at communication and thinking.

(Fig. 1) Students are showing community values on a board.

School of Culture & Media

With the design concept of "learning occurs in immersion in real applications", the School of Culture & Media carried out teaching around three stages, namely, "what is the media for, what does the media do, and how can the media do". The three stages were conducted respectively through "School Walk", "City Walk", and "Subject Walk". Specifically, freshmen flexibly selected areas of interest through a walk on campus, immersed themselves in the evolution of cities through a walk in urban and rural changes, and got involved in the implementation of projects at enterprises. Through these activities, students could better understand the real media market and the importance of acquiring expertise in media.

In this freshmen orientation activity, the School of Culture & Media specially invited six professional professors, teachers, and media professionals from the industry to give lectures about different fields of the media industry around these three stages, thus providing freshmen with the first lessons during their university. The purpose is to make students become good listeners and thinkers, be good at communication, and learn how to apply what they have learned from books to real-life scenarios, so as to start a cultural media journey.

(Fig. 2) Freshment Entrance Education Lecture by School of Culture & Media

EAaD School

EAaD School specially invited Professor Hu Jianbo, Chairman of Xi'an Eurasia University; Lei Chunni, Director of the Infrastructure Department; Li Mei, Director of the Finance Department to show freshmen enrolled in 2023 the cultural significance behind architectural design with the theme of campus construction and development, so as to make them understand the cultural essence of cultivating talent in a good environment. Professor Hu Jianbo vividly introduced the campus development history of Xi'an Eurasia University in chronological order. He emphasized that Xi'an Eurasia University's architecture has always been people-oriented, reflecting the teaching philosophy of creating a "facilitative learning environment" and the "student-centered" approach. The university adheres to a campus culture of "Pluralitas in unitatem," a unique educational value that is leading Eurasia upward.

Toward the end, the students raised questions about their experiences entering the university, the living environment on campus, and their plans for the next four years. Professor Hu Jianbo humorously and patiently answered each question, receiving unanimous praise from both students and teachers. The lively atmosphere of the event marked the successful beginning of a new chapter in the students' university life.

(Fig. 3) Chairman Hu Jianbo Gives a Lecture to Freshmen

School of Humanities and Education

"Journey into the Humanities, Achieve Excellence as Educators" was the first class for freshmen in the School of Humanities and Education. Vice Dean Kou Yan introduced the School from four aspects: an overview of the school, the perspectives on children and education, program characteristics and achievements, and resources and facilities. "Project-based learning and research for developing the students' comprehensive practical abilities" will be integrated throughout the four years of undergraduate learning for students in the School of Humanities and Education.

During the orientation, professors from all the majors also provided comprehensive and detailed explanations to freshmen about the basic overview of each major, the teaching staff and resources, curriculum structure, and career development planning. "Adopting a proper learning attitude," "learning effective communication," "independently facing and solving problems," and "achieving effective self-management" were among the genuine and heartfelt reactions from students hailing from different parts of the country. Maintaining an altruistic mindset, and developing into conscientious and empathetic educational professionals, were the most significant lessons that the freshmen learned as they embarked on their university journey.

(Fig. 4) Guo Yan from the Student Affairs Center Introduces the School to Students

School of Business Administration

The freshmen orientation of the School of Business Administration revolves around the theme of "New Knowledge, Pursue Transcendence," aiming to guide students in navigating the ever-changing business environment and industry trends while upholding the school's open and genuine academic values. During the course, students were given a comprehensive understanding of the rules and connections within the environment, encouraged to adopt multiple perspectives and a long-term mindset into the learning process, and motivated to integrate knowledge and action. The course sends the new students to a new chapter in their business education. In the future, the School of Business Administration will devote itself to cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents who are capable of quickly adapting to the future business environment and actively participating in the real business world.

(Fig. 5) Group photo of the New Students in the Business Administration Major

School of Accounting

"How to better adapt to college life" is always the first lesson freshmen should learn. During the freshman orientation week, the new students in the School of Accounting participated in three unique activities under the guidance of academic mentors and industry mentors. These activities helped them transition into university life, understand themselves, and become familiar with life on campus. The aim was for students to learn to plan their studies and daily life effectively.

To further enhance students' sense of belonging to their major, academic mentor Li Na explained the course structure, talent cultivation goals, and industry prospects of the accounting program. She emphasized the importance of accounting and provided students with a more comprehensive understanding of the accounting major. Industry mentor Sun Shengru approached the topic from a career planning perspective, helping students establish their career development direction. They hope that students will become professional accountants in the future.

(Fig. 6) Lecture on "Career Planning for College Students in the Context of Digital Intelligence"

School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering

"Having a broad perspective and a spirit of adventure," "learning to communicate and cooperate with others," and "putting people first" were the heartfelt sentiments expressed by the freshmen of the 2023 class in the School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering attending the freshman orientation week. Chairman Hu led the students through a review of the campus's historical evolution. By examining the architectural features, he told the reasons behind Xi'an Eurasia University's open and diversified educational philosophy. He delved into the "student-centered" community reform, which vividly illustrated Xi'an Eurasia University's transformative journey.

During the activities, Lei Chunni, Director of the Infrastructure Department, Yin Yingdi, Vice Dean of the School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering, and Li Mei, Director of the Finance Department, shared the philosophies behind the campus architecture design. They discussed the tiered utilization of space and the construction of "informal learning spaces," all aimed at ensuring a comfortable learning environment for students. All reforms and innovations revolve around students, reflecting Xi’an Eurasia University's respect and care for students and laying a solid foundation for their future development.

(Fig. 7) Chairman Hu Jianbo Interacts with Students

School of Finance and Data Science

The first lesson for the 2023 class of finance students began with the theme "Finance + Data, the Power to Envision the Future." Vice Dean Shen Yachen gave a basic introduction to the school and explained the talent cultivation plan, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the finance major. Industry mentors and professors dissected the field of finance from various aspects, covering the development history of the major, the rich domestic and international teaching and learning resources, the current status of the industry, and future career planning. They hoped to help finance students walk each step of their journey with strength and solidity.

Finally, senior finance students shared their experiences in winning awards in competitions during their university years, encouraging the freshmen to actively participate in extracurricular activities. They wished the newcomers a bright future and outstanding achievements in their new campus life.

(Fig. 8) Industry mentor Li Shengan Explains the Current Situation of the Financial Industry

School of Information Engineering

In today's booming Internet era, majors such as IoT engineering, communication engineering, and electronic information engineering have become indispensable parts of society. The School of Information Engineering, with the goal of "cultivating high-quality information technology talents," organized a diverse range of course lectures for the 2023 information students during the freshman orientation week. The teachers of the Sino-US joint software engineering program provided detailed introductions to the international cooperative education programs for the students.

Subsequently, the new students in the vibrant School of Information Engineering will receive comprehensive academic training, practical skills development, and personal growth. They will embark on an unforgettable and fruitful journey during their university years.

(Fig. 9) The Headteacher of Sino-US Joint Software Engineering Program Introduces the Cooperative Program

School of General Education

The Academic Performance Promoting, Lighting & Empowering (APPLE) Center of the freshman experience camp adopts the project-based learning (PBL) model to design courses. It conducted a series of rich and colorful activities for the 2023 freshmen, helping them understand campus culture, establish planning awareness, and complete the transition from high school to university more quickly and effectively.

In the freshman experience camp, there was interaction and communication among teachers, students, and parents. From getting to know Xi'an Eurasia University to learning how to build social circles, from exploring majors to integrating innovation, activities such as Lego building, experiencing the Longest Day in Chang'an murder mystery game design, and visiting enterprises helped freshman students develop a sense of identity and familiarity with their majors. It is hoped that over the next four years of their university life, they will have a brighter future and become outstanding "Eurasiaers."

(Fig. 10) Group Photo of Students Participating in Freshmen Training Camp

School of Higher Vocational Education

The School of Higher Vocational Education organized a variety of colorful activities for freshmen, including lectures, campus tours, career planning workshops, and visits to companies. These activities helped the new students become more familiar with the campus, understand the campus culture, and quickly adapt to their new university life. Meanwhile, teachers visited the dormitories and classrooms, focusing on introducing the school and its majors, explaining the student registration management system, and enhancing industry awareness. They also provided students with abundant internship and practical training resources, helping them establish preliminary career plans and future development paths.

(Fig. 11) Freshmen Education Lecture by Li Peng, Counselor for the 2023 Digital Creativity Class

Dear Eurasia students, a new chapter of life is unfolding before you. As you carry your pack your bags and set sail, bidding farewell to your hometown, it means saying "hello" to an independent life, saying "hello" to a future planned by yourself, and embracing unlimited opportunities and challenges.

May you learn to be independent, think critically, and work hard with determination. May you always carry passion and sincerity, never forget your original aspirations, and always pursue your dreams. May you make the most of your precious time in college, experiencing different aspects of life and gaining rich life experiences. The first lesson of the academic year has successfully concluded, and the road ahead lies right at your feet. From here, you can go anywhere you desire.