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Xi'an Eurasia University Table Tennis Team Achieves Outstanding Results in the 27th Shaanxi Provincial University Table Tennis Championship

(Fig. 1) Group Photo of the University Table Tennis Team with Awards

On October 13, the 27th Shaanxi Provincial University Table Tennis Championship and the "President's" competition for college students (Men's Division) were held at the Chang'an Campus of Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications. Xi'an Eurasia University's table tennis team achieved outstanding results in multiple categories including men's team, men's singles, and men's doubles, winning 3 championships, 1 second place, and 4 third places.

This competition was organized by the Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, hosted by the Shaanxi Student Sports Association and Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications, and co-organized by the Table Tennis Professional Committee of the Shaanxi Student Sports Association. The competition lasted for 5 days, with a total of 855 athletes from 64 universities across the province participating. The student competition included seven events: men's team, women's team, men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles.

(Fig. 2-4) Moments at the Competition

Serving, short placement, looping, chopping, smashing — each stroke captivated the audience's hearts. Round after round, swirling rapid attacks, the small silver ball shuttling back and forth on the table, the athletes calmly countered with precise hand-eye coordination. After 5 days of intense competition, our university's table tennis team won the men's team championship (D Division), men's singles championship, men's doubles championship, women's team third place, women's singles third place, women's doubles third place, mixed doubles second place, and mixed doubles third place. This follows Xi'an Eurasia University table tennis team's previous remarkable performance in the 26th Table Tennis Championship.

Since 2021, the Physical Education Center of the School of General Education has been promoting the "holistic education" concept. Through deepening the club-based teaching reform, the center has established the Eurasia University Sports Alliance (EUAA) and organized various campus sports leagues, including the Eurasia University Football Association (EUFA), Eurasia University Basketball Association (EUBA), Eurasia University Table Tennis Championship (EUTTC), Eurasia University Badminton League (EUBL), Eurasia University Ultimate Frisbee League (EUCFL), and Eurasia University Five-a-side Football League (EUFL). These efforts aim to improve the campus sports competition system and provide students with platforms to participate in sports events, making sports involvement and enjoyment a way of life for Xi'an Eurasia students.

(Fig. 5) Group Photo of the Men's Table Tennis Team

(Fig. 6)Group Photo of the Women's Table Tennis Team

Appendix: List of Awards Won by Xi'an Eurasia University Team

Men's Singles Champion

Zhang Daoqu

Men's Doubles Champion

Zhang Rongjin & Yuan Shouliang

Men's Team Champion

Zhang Rongjin, Yuan Shouliang, Shi Hao, Lin Renhao, Mao Jialu, Liao Zhongshan, Zhang Daoqu, Chen Oulun

Mixed Doubles Second Place

Ye Ziyu & Lin Renhao

Women's Team Third Place

Chang Yuxuan, Ma Xinrui, Ye Ziyu, Chen Ziying, Chen Tingting, Liu Yuhan, Zhao Ruozhu, Zhang Ketian

Women's Singles Third Place

Chang Yuxuan

Women's Doubles Third Place

Zhao Ruozhu & Zhang Ketian

Mixed Doubles Third Place

Chen Ziying & Mao Jialu

Women's Doubles Fifth Place

Liu Yuhan & Chen Tingting

Outstanding Coaches

Han Yawei, Qiang Neng